Thursday, January 22, 2015

NerdLacquer Review and Swatches - Smoke Dragon

Welcome back to the polish posts!

I just love having a little "palate cleanser" in the middle of the week that isn't about polish. It gets me jazzed to post polish the next day.

So today I have a unicorn in the polish world to share with you.

Due to the fact that I've been without a job for awhile now and I don't have any income coming...I've had to start selling my rare polishes...this is one of them. So in memory of me owning this beauty...I thought I would share photos of it. At least I'll have photos to look back on!

Smoke Dragon was originally released as an exclusive polish sold on the Ninja Polish site back in 2012 I believe and can now only be found via re-sellers.

Smoke Dragon
**outdoors - indirect/direct sun**

I'll just do a brief review of it - 
It's amazing.
It's unique.
It's beautiful.
Two coats. Fabulous.

I will see you guys next week!

That Gal...signing off.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mid-Week Coffee Break - Cat Astronauts, DIY Ring Holder, and Dainty Doodads

Yep. Doodads has officially been used on my blog.

There are so many dainty things on the blog today that an alliteration was necessary.

I'm obsessed with the featured mug this week. So obsessed.

I hope you enjoy the coffee break this week!

Well this mug is freaking adorable.

How cute is this ring holder DIY? My mom actually pinned this on Pinterest and I had to share here!

Aren't these just the prettiest studs?

This bed is so beautiful! The lines of the headboard and the floral designs. Love!

So this is supposed to be a healthy snack/breakfast....and because I should be eating healthier for many reasons...I thought this would be good to share! Also it's a pretty simple recipe!

Doesn't this just look delicious? A simple recipe and gin is the liquor of choice for this which I'm a huge fan of! 

That's it for this edition of the Mid-Week Coffee Break! I hope you found something you haven't seen before!

That Gal...signing off!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Girly Bits Review and Swatches - Prototype #3 - Not The Only Mermaid in Town


Today I have prototype from Girly Bits to share with you!

I'm telling you what...prototypes aren't easy to snag but totally worth it if you can get them!

I'm excited to share this one with you guys. I hope you enjoy it!

Prototype #3 - Not The Only Mermaid in Town
**outdoors - direct light**
Coats -
Three thin coats. Perfect jelly formula. So easy to apply and not too thick.
Color Intensity -
A sparkle filled bright blue jelly? Yes please! As you can tell if you see this polish up close...three thin coats doesn't bring it to complete opacity. It works for me but a fourth coat will help with that or 2-3 thicker coats. I just love how bright this blue is!
Top Coat - HK Girl 
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat
  All the Girly Bits Goods -

Shop (US Stockist) ** Shop (direct from GB in Canada) ** FB ** Instagram

Have you ever purchased prototypes from Girly Bits?

That Gal...signing off!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Bear Pawlish Review and Swatches - Hot Cider

Hey everyone!

Do you have a three day weekend? 
My husband has the day off school so that's pretty exciting. He will have his head in the books for the majority of the day though!

Today I have a Bear Pawlish to share with you!
Yay BP!

Oh and make sure to swing by my Instagram (@ThatGalJenna) to see a full sun video of this polish! Wowza!

Coats -
Two coats. No issues with application or formula.
Color Intensity -
Now this is an interesting color. One of those colors that you are either madly in love with or you're not a huge fan. I think it's pretty nifty because I don't have any color like this. It's rich but can easily be a fall/winter polish or a spring polish because it's bright at the same time. And let's face it...the sun loves this the warmer weather days will really make this beauty shine.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Pretty Serious

Where to find Bear Pawlish -

Hopefully in the near future I will be able to post with better photos. 
Possibly as early as next week? 
We shall see. 

I will see you tomorrow!

That Gal...signing off!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Color Club Review and Swatches - Apple Of My Eye

Happy Thursday everyone!

I thought it would be fun to share a non-indie polish today.

I don't think I ever have...except for maybe Julep...but I guess that's kinda considered an indie?

Color Club is easy to find and oh so affordable. The beauty is you don't lose quality just because it's inexpensive. I buy my Color Clubs on Ebay normally but this one I bought from Llarowe. There was a big sale on and around New Years Day and this beauty was 4 bucks.

I'm just going to do a quick run down of the beauty.
The color...obviously freaking fantastic. I'm obsessed.
Application was easy. Two coats. No issues to speak of.

You can find this on Ebay, Amazon, Llarowe and other various sites that sells polish. Normally Ebay will be the cheapest bet and normally you can find a cheap listing with free shipping!

Did you buy anything during the Llarowe sale? 

I hope you have a fabulous rest of the week and I will see ya Monday!


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