Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Mid-Week Coffee Break - Red Lips, Haute Velvet, and Hot Chocolate

 Happy coffee break time!

I have a lot of retro action today...not intentional...just a happy accident.

Time to take a break and grab a cup of joe or tea...or hot chocolate...because...yum.

I actually own this and it's one of my favorite mugs!

Now that's a staircase.

If I had a home phone line...this would be at my desk.

Far too expensive for me to own in my lifetime...but oooh's beautiful.

This perfectly kitschy and fabulous room is dreamy. That coffee table!

I'm taking a break from the alcoholic drinks to share this oh so yummy hot cocoa...yes please!

I may or may not have a post for tomorrow...we'll see how this day shapes up!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Love, Angeline Swatches - Emerald City

Hey guys!

I just have a quick little post for you today.

I'm not going to include "review" in this but since this isn't available in the Love, Angeline shop anymore I figure I'll just share some photos.

Emerald City is a polish that was released over a year ago I believe and I actually snagged this second hand. So watch out for storenvy sales!

Emerald City

Where to find Love, Angeline - 

Monday, December 15, 2014

NailNation 3000 Review and Swatches - Fa Holo La La, Phishing For Holo, and Twinkle Twinkle

Hey guys!

You may have noticed, or maybe not, I didn't post after Wednesday last week. 

It was partially intentional because I broke two nails and didn't have anything ready to post so I was trying to wait until I had some growth back on my shorter than usual nails.

Today's photos were pre-nail break but I wanted to share these today hence why I didn't post them last week!


I have three toppers from NailNation 3000 to share with you today. All of which are currently available in the shop and are part of the new holiday collection of polishes.

(multi-sized glitters in an array of colors - shown over NN3000 Matters of the Heart)

(transparent hexi and glitter bomb w/ a medium holo tinted base)
**shown alone with three coats**

over Essie Licorice  
Coats - 
Two thin coats of each topper used
Fa Holo La La I placed the large glitters on with brush - no major fishing for the large glitters - they were very easy to locate. I just preferred individual placement
Color Intensity -
Fa Holo La La - I'm not normally a fan of glitters with LARGE glitters but I'm obsessed with the color of the big circle glitter. I think this would look so fun over so many colors.
Phishing For Holo - I love this on it's own and as a topper. If you don't mind a visible nail line you will probably like this worn alone also. Also a ridge filling base coat would probably help with the nail line if worn on it's own. As you can see in the macros of this the holo in this is strong! A super fun topper for sure.
Twinkle Twinkle - Hellllooo flakies! I love how this looks over black so much. The flakies shift from blue to green to purple. And the holo in it adds to the overall pizazz of this topper.
Base Coat - 

 Where to find NailNation 3000 -
Are you a fan of toppers?

Which of these is is your favorite?

**polishes provided for my review and honest opinion**

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mid-Week Coffee Break - Life Updates, Dreamcatchers,and Moscato Punch!

Hey guys!

So I don't want to go into this long drawn out post about life. 

Plus it's really cold here and we are trying not to use our my hands are cold...making typing slightly trying.

Long story short...I still haven't found a job. Seems crazy right? To be somewhere for more than 6 months and even though I'm actively looking and applying daily...I got nothing! Nothing but a bad attitude about Gainesville that is! I've had a handful of interviews. Some not so great and some that I thought FOR SURE I would be hired for. I've decided I would prefer to have an obviously terrible interview because at least I won't get my hopes up about those.

Needless to say it wasn't expected that it would take me so long to find work. So our budget is pretty rough. We had to cut off our cable this week to save money...and embarrassingly enough...that shook me more than you would think. Good ol' TV...the thing that lets me escape in the world of the Food Network and HGTV...gonzo. 

Now we have a new timeline of when I "have" to find work by...and before now I would think...7 months? No biggie. But I've been here for 7 months without a glimmer of a job prospect.

I wish I had more exciting updates to share but that's pretty much all consuming. 

I wasn't sure how "public" I wanted this update to be so I stuck it in my "coffee break" because they don't get as many views as other posts. So if you're reading this. Thanks for checking in.

So much for not going into a long drawn out post! 

Now...pretty things!

Yep. You know those days.

Love the use of this bar cart for bathroom storage!

Such a tough but girly ensemble

I'll take one of each please!

I love this article and this photo of a grouping of mini dreamcatchers

If you are a frequent viewer of this style of know I love a fancy cocktail. This looks yummy!

Thanks for stopping by for my mid-week coffee break!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

NailNation 3000 Review and Swatches - Arizona Skies, Matters of the Heart, and Wrap Me in Holo

Hey everyone!

I've got good news! More NailNation on the blog today. Yaaaay!

I have three more new polishes that are currently for sale in the shop!

PS - I think I'll be doing a mid-week coffee break post tomorrow just to update you on life and what not. I don't want to clutter up a post full of pretty polish with a life update. 

Speaking of pretty polishes...

(soft orange base with a brown/red lean)  

(bright red holo with soft blue to purple ghost shift with a copper/orange rainbow)

(smokey rose mauve with a soft chrome undertone w/ ultra micro fine soft gold)  
Coats -
Two flawless coats of each polish. No application issues and no staining.
Color Intensity -
Arizona Skies - I couldn't wait for Maria to release this polish! It's so dusty and rich. So aptly named. I love this so much! 
Matters of the Heart - Maria is like the queen of making pinks/reds. They're always so vibrant and bold. This beauty is a showstopper and I love it to bits.
Wrap Me in Holo - The color shift in this is so beautiful. Subtle and lovely. Love it!
Base Coat - 

 Where to find NailNation 3000 -

Which is your favorite?

**polishes provided for review and 100% honest opinion**

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