What I Wore - *Periwinkle and Bows and a Cartwheel*

Happy October guys!!

How was your weekend? Anything interesting happen? I for one would've been thrilled to spend all day Saturday doing nothing but catching up on my DVR...but alas...the hairdresser was calling. 

Yep...I threw in the towel on growing out my hair for the wedding. Everyone under the sun (except for the fiance) told me I should grow it out so I "have options"...so I did. Then I realized...I don't want long hair nor do I care if I have countless options for my wedding day. I want to look LIKE ME...not like a person I tried to be on one day out of the year. 

So...chop chop chop it went. Four + inches later...here I am!!

Some serious height on this jump people...

Beginning of cartwheel!

End of cartwheel. Whoops...landing on your face is not the desired end result!

Wears Head to Toe - 

Cardigan - From the always lovely Marlyn at littleredbowtique and her new IG shop littleredcloset
T-shirt - OLD shirt from Target
Earrings - from an independent shop in Jacksonville that no longer is open :(
Jeans - My tried and true and super old jeans from Charlotte Russe
Shoes - The shoes are from Marlyn's IG shop too!! And I LOVE THEM. Originally from ALDO.

Do you buy from any IG shops? Or do you prefer just the standard online shop? If you buy from IG (Instagram) what are your fave shops?

Talk to you soon!

  1. I think your hair looks great and will be perfect for the wedding. Oh, and those shoes are super cute!

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  2. I think you look totally cute with your hair short! Do what makes you feel good!

  3. Your hair looks adorable and I totally agree--look the way you want yourself to look, the way you always do (only amped up, because it's a wedding). Don't force something that's isn't natural :-) Also that sweater is amazing. I love the details

  4. You look adorable, Ms Jenna! :D Your photos are always so cute and fun!

    What is an IG shop? I have the feeling I want to look into it, but shouldn't, haha :p.

    And yay to wearing a new haircut! I love short hair, should go to the hair dresser soon! I don't trust anybody here, though, hehe. David's aunt wants to chop off my locks, but I don't know if she's the person to resort to, shhh ...

    Have a great day, an awesome week and an exciting October! :D

  5. Looks adorbs! I want more wedding updates :)!

  6. Amen to going with your gut! I can't picture you with long hair, anyway. :-)

  7. You look super cute! I love the way your hair looks.

  8. You look lovely and happy in those pictures!! I am in the "in between" part of my hair. I hate it so much, it's not quite long enough to go fully up in a pony tail, I have to clip it into place. I can't wait for it to grow a bit longer.

    I read an article once that said that you shouldn't change your hair too much for your wedding because in all the pictures, you won't look like "you". That's always stuck with me (goodness knows why, it's not like I even have a boyfriend!!!) and looks like you're following that advice too!

  9. yay! i'm so glad you went with your gut. i love your hair the way it is! those cartwheel pictures are the best!! you're adorable, sweet girl :) xoxo

  10. Happy October! I love your hair and the ruffles on the blue outer!

  11. Hi, Jenna! Just dropping by to see if there were any updates in your blog. Miss ya!

    Hope everything's great down there!

    Hugs! :P


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