Mid-week Coffee Break - Grapefruit Mojito, Rain Boots, & Wide Open Spaces

Welcome to Wednesday guys!

I hope you week is going well so far. For a few reasons I am SO ready for it to be this time next week...more on that...next week. 

But for now...let's get to some finds!

There's something about a mug with a bicycle on it that for some reason I'm always drawn to...then you add in those stripes? So lovely!

My husband and I don't agree on the location or type of house we would love to end up living at but I would LOVE to have a large-ish piece of land away from the hustle & bustle. If you watch HGTV...and also watch Fixer Upper...then you can imagine what I talking about! 

Sign me up for this office space. I would probably change out the crab photo for...cats.

Purple rain boots? So sassy and chic!

Perfectly Seasoned Sugar Snap Peas...so good.

Grapefruit Mint Mojito...so refreshing so delicious. I LOVE grapefruit.

See you tomorrow! 

That Gal...signing off!!

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