Are You There Friends?...It's Me...Jenna

Well. Can we all agree that it's been a while?

So much has happened since I last posted on...June 6, 2016. Wowza.

In June 2016, I was a couple months shy of leaving my now, ex-husband. However, if you would have asked me in June 2016 if that chapter in my life was about to close, I would have been totally unaware. Funny how big life changes can be a sneak attack.

More or less, that is the reason why I disappeared. At the time I was living in Gainesville, FL and when I left my ex, it was back to Jacksonville for me. It was truly a textbook domino effect once it all started. I had to pack up the majority of the home I shared with my ex, travel to Jacksonville to find a place to rent, sort out my work situation as I would be commuting to my job in GAINESVILLE every day from Jacksonville until I found a new job locally! Not to mention, once I did move and begin commuting, my car died then I broke my cell phone into seemingly a million pieces. The hits just kept on coming!

Of course, I was also starting the arduous process of filing for divorce. In reality, it really didn't take that long. I filed August 2016 and was divorced by June of 2017. 10 days after my 33rd birthday! Talk about a celebration.

I have lots to update everyone on! I'm not sure what direction the blog will go but it'll go somewhere! My life is epically different now, to say the least. I may try my hand at YouTube, but I may not, who knows.

Spoiler alert - this is me - this is us. Stay tuned to deep dive into all the changes. (Also, don't let the photo fool you, I still have bangs - that'll never change)

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