Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hi! I'm still here...and working on a redesign!

I know...I know...

Worst blogger ever.

I pop in and I'm like....hey guess what I'm still here 4 months ago...then I disappear again. Really my intention isn't to be a fibber!

In reality, I am working on a redesign, well by "I" I mean Kim over at What Peggy Said is working on one for me.

Once I get the design sorted out this here blog will be known as That Gal Jenna.

Nothing will be changing really. It'll still be a lifestyle as in...cats, clothes, crazy...and nail polish.

The link will be changing too, as long as I can figure it out, but the current link should still direct you to the new web address. *crosses fingers*

In the mean time...come follow me on Instagram...and don't give up hope yet!

Thanks for reading!!

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