Wedding, Olympics, Work-Outs...Oh My!

Hahaha...if you read my post title as one phrase it's Wedding Olympics Work-Outs.

As a whole phrase that also makes sense to me. 

I apologize *yet again* for my brief (but I'm sure it's not my last) absence. 

It's been nothing short of chaotic around these here parts recently. 

I think if people had a brief glimpse of "what's the come" after saying yes to a regards to wedding planning...they may hesitate in answering. It's easy to dream up your perfect wedding but executing said perfect wedding with less than perfect circumstances is painful!! Though our wedding will be small (THANK GOD it's small...I can't imagine planning for a large wedding) it's still nothing short of stressful to work out the details and the kinks. I know we still have a good chunk of time to get everything executed but boy does time fly!!

This is probably going to be a very boring post for people who like posts with lots of photos!!

On the plus side I am getting things crossed off my list. 
For example -
I sent out about 93% of my Save the Dates (with the exception of the fiance's family as I'm waiting to get their emails) - Yep that's right I went with emailing out Save the Dates. I couldn't rationalize spending the money to physically mail them.

Also -

-I scheduled a makeup trial!! (I've never had my makeup done before!)
-I booked a tasting with the bakery (Sugar Rush Confections) that I'd like to make our cake
-An appointment was booked with the potential florist
-I bought our cake topper (custom cake topper is in the works!)
-I bought our card box
-Picked out 3 potential veils
-Picked out the wedding favors and scheduled a date to order them
-I bought our drink dispensers which will hold the sangria!
-AND I made a honeymoon registry (because I think that is such a neat idea for an option to contribute to a couple's honeymoon fund)

Check, check, check! 

As you can see...I've been kinda busy!

But I'm so glad I've been able to get a good chunk of the items marked off as complete or almost complete.


On another note -

The Olympics have been taking up what time I do have to spare. Is anyone else completely consumed once the primetime events begin? Swimming and gymnastics are the ones that I just HAVE to watch. I won't go into my obsession here because I'm sure people are bored reading about the Olympics!


Lastly - My Zumba workouts have fallen to the wayside but I've been trying to get out and walk at the very least for half an hour or so. It's better than nothing right?

I just wanted to stop in and give a little update as to why I haven't been in the blogland recently but I'll be back tomorrow to share What I Fancy Friday! :)

Talk to you soon!

  1. Sunday wedding that's interesting - maybe it's a British thing - I've never been to a Sunday wedding.

    Each day this week when I've got in from work I've put the TV on and watch the Olympics - I then stay there until about 10pm when they start showing all the boring sports like water polo or men's hockey lol.

    Women's Basketball and Football have got me but I have been watching the Gymnastics (go Team GB!!), Swimming (cheering for Becky Adlington!!) and Diving (cheering for Tom Daley and any other GB people who pop up)

    1. Well Sunday wasn't chosen because of the day of the week...I chose it because I wanted it to the on the 10th as it's our anniversary :) It just happened to fall on a Sunday!

      Tom Daley is so darn cute!! I was SO excited for Great Britain when they did so well in the Men's gymnastics!!

  2. Wow, you've been busy! But it sounds like it's all coming together, which I know is a huge feat. Planning my wedding damn near killed me.

    Courtney ~

  3. Wow, Jenna, you've done so much wedding-wise! ;D Congrats! And I totally think that e-mailing the save-the-dates was a great idea. I hadn't even heard of save-the-dates before I started blogging.

    And screw zumba, haha! If it made you feel frustrated, good thing you dropped it! Walking and running work for me just fine; I can feel it in my thighs, calves and even arms, haha, don't ask me why.

    Have an awesome weekend, girl!!! ;D


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