Things I Fancy Friday - *It's A Red Letter Day*

Hello loveys!

First I want to say that I apologize for the lack of source links...most of them linked back to BS sources like weheartit and tumblr. If you know the original source let me know! All the *source-less* images are from Pinterest.

So now that the legalities (well blog ones anyway) are taken care of...whatcha got planned for the weekend?

I have a Wedding Pow Wow with my lovely mother early Saturday morning. It's nearly August (wedding is in March!) and we have GOT to start making some decisions on things...anything. Nothing is set in stone except for the venue! I know it'll get has to!

Oh! And an update from my last post about Zumba...I managed to get through 40 minutes of that hour long DVD that I only did 30 minutes of the first time I tried it. So yay for that little victory! 

So I'm on a big red kick. So red is this week's TIFF theme! Maybe I'm regressing because I couldn't get my hair to the red I had so desperately wanted...stupid black hair...or maybe it's because it's hot as Hades in Florida. Either's red!! love me some patent leather and the red and white polka dot fabric!! <3

Kitchen Swoon City!! The cherry wallpaper in the shelves just makes it so special.

Holy smokes...those lips...that hair. I want!! Color me envious!

I seriously want to weep with dress/tight envy here. Now I want red as my wedding color...and that dress as my reception outfit. 

Perfection. I just love this. I'm not sure which element of the photo is the thing that really made me love it. Everything is just perfect.

And lastly...this. Circa 1949. Check out the rest of the amazing photos.

That's it ladies and gents! 
Is there any color that is a stand out for you right now? 

Talk to you soon!

  1. I love all these pops of red -- and those shoes! And congrats on making it further in the Zumba workout...I seriously doubt that I would be capable of that.

    Courtney ~

  2. HAIR! I love that hair. I totally want to do that.

  3. Loving the red. I dyed my hair red the other night, but just barely. Unless I'm in direct sunlight it's hard to tell a difference. I mean, I can tell all the time and my mom could tell, but I had to point it out to my dad. Still! Red(dish)!

  4. I love love love red! I used to have apple red hair and dressed it up with red lips! It was faboooo!
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  5. I LOVE red and all the items you've included in this post ;).

    Btw, when want to find the original source of an image, all you have to do is open Google Images and drag the image to the field where you would typically write something. Drop the image there and a list of the sites containing that imagine will appear ;).

    Hope your week's off to a great start! ;D


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