Random Wednesday - Zumba is Kicking My Booty

I apologize for my abscense...I've been trying my damndest to get back into the routine of working out and not eating like it's my last meal...every time.

Due to this...I've been freaking exhausted when it finally comes time to sit down and relax...I pass out.

Hence no blog posts.

Has anyone else here tried Zumba, either in class or on DVD, because I feel like I am dying here!!

My goal is to be at a comfortable weight by the time October rolls around (that's when I HAVE to send in my measurements for my dress to be made) then maintain that weight until the wedding. I don't want to lose SO much I can't maintain it but I still have a good bit to go in order to comfortably fit in my own skin.

Is anyone else trying to get into shape or Get Healthy as I prefer to call it.

Please ease my pain and tell me you had a hard time getting through a Zumba DVD!!!

Below are some glimpses into my past week...

Me after my attempt at doing Day 2 of Zumba...half way through the DVD after I decided I couldn't make it any longer...

Day 1 of Zumba...I made it through the 40 minute DVD...took a shower and fell ever so NOT graceful onto the couch.

These started rolling in mid week last week...pre-Zumba...I thought these were difficult but I was wrong.

Lastly...I know the quality is HORRIBLE...but you get the general idea of how awesome my new chair is. I picked this beauty up on Saturday at Goodwill. 20 bucks...and it's Harvest Gold you guys...crushed velvet perfection.

That's it folks...so if you have any work out stories good or bad...please share!!!

Also...I'm on the Lose It app...if you are too let me know what email you are using and I'll add you!!

Talk to you soon!

  1. I thought Zumba was pretty cool - but then I had just finished P90X. Now that is a totally mental workout!

    I did work up a sweat with Zumba though whilst enjoying myself :)


  2. My cousin is a Zumba instructor, but I've never done the workout. I heard it was supposed to be really fun, but maybe that's just how they trick you into doing it?

  3. I've never tried zumba, but a girl in town teaches it and I'm hoping to start taking her class this fall. I'm trying to live a more healthy lifestyle. No diet. Lifestyle. I want this to be a permanent thing. I did WW last year and lost 18 lbs. gained back 10. I restarted WW this year and just gave up. I hated tracking everything I eat. HOWEVER, using the stuff I learned from WW (what food has the most points, etc) I've lost 25 lbs. YAY!!! I've hit a bit of a lull (I blame our new foster baby, two babies under two is exhausting) but I'm picking up my evening walking again, and am going back to no more sugar-y drinks aka "real cokes" at restaurants. The only exception will be if we go to the movies this weekend, because that doesn't happen often and dang it, I love getting pop and popcorn at the movies! But I really learned a lot from WW and now I eat smaller portions of everything (I'm like the queen of to-go boxes), I eat a LOT more fruits and veggies, and I drink way more water than I ever have. SO WW taught me a lot, I just don't want to live my life tracking my food. BUT, I know another friend who is using WW and has lost 50 lbs. already.

    Okay, that's enough of my WW infomercial. lol.

  4. I love Zumba. I started doing it a few years ago (in a class) and liked that it didn't feel like real exercise, but it did work my ass off. I'm not saying it's easy, but at least it's not boring to me like running is. Just keep going, it will get easier and if you keep up your activity and watch what you eat you should be fine for October.

  5. Hang in there! I've never tried Zumba and, honestly, I may never now. But it sounds like you are getting a insane workout and I really admire you for sticking with it.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  6. Never tried Zumba, but I keep thinking about it. I really want to get into yoga, though-- there's a hot yoga place right near where I live. Props to you for working out! I keep trying, go good for a day or two, then I'm done. :) (And, just so you know, I think you're beautiful no matter what your dress measurements)

  7. Jenna - you look so sad and disappointed in your photo. By now, you probably have overcome the first couple days of doing anything new and challenging. Be nice to yourself, you are doing great.

    Love the way the kittens are owning the throne chair.

    Great blog update.

  8. Hi, Jenna! I love the second picture; you look adorable!!! I've never tried Zumba, I don't think it's my cup of tea, really. I've always been curious about taking a more hip-hop kinda exercise, but I'm sure I'd be too lost if I did, hehe. I just run on the treadmill with my phone or laptop in front of me to keep myself entertained. I hate exercise, though, and don't know much about it ... I'm surprised I've been constant withe the treadmill, so not like me, haha!

    I totally need to check out that app! ;) And oh, my! Your kitties look so comfy in your new chair! :D I bet they think you bought it for them! :P

    Have a great day and best luck with your exercise routine! ;D

  9. Jenna! I am with you girl!

    I had to laugh because I just posted yesterday how I wanted to knock out my Zumba instructor. If you feel like a laugh there's the link:


    I think if I were going to try it again I would totally follow your lead and do it at home. Although I tried it on the WiiFit and apparently wasn't shaking my hips enough. I am trying to take care of myself more and I know it can be a struggle but we all have to hang in there. Group classes are hard for me but the one thing I love and miss going to was Spin Class. It was like group fitness but individualized. The important part is that you're doing it!

    Good luck and keep us updated. It's encouraging for me to see you're doing it too!


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