MyGlam vs. Birch Box - July - Ding! Ding! Round 3!

It's that time of the month again! No...not that time. It's a far more exciting time of the month. 

MyGlam and Birch Box is ready to dual it out again!

This month I received my BB a lot sooner than my MyGlam bag which is unusual because MyGlam usually gets here quicker and they shipped the same day! 

This month I decided to include myself in some of the photos...I think it can get kinda...boring (for lack of a nicer word) to read these review posts with only products pictured. If you think otherwise,  let me know, and I'll adjust it next month!

So let's get this sample show on the road!

Birch Box - 

Birch Box this month was all about the senses. 

Contents - Hello perfume sample by Harvey Prince/Earbuds/Energy Mints/UV Hair Protector Gel/Moisturizer Tint/Mascara (for more info you can see the card above)

The packaging couldn't have been cuter. And smells nice! Though on my skin the scent didn't seem to last long...

Pink and blue earbuds! So freaking cute! Unfortunately I don't need earbuds...but I'll keep these handy if I ever need to look super cute and colorful while listening to music.

Mints! Instructions were obviously not included :p 
Nothing really special about these...they kinda smell too. And not in a good minty way.

I had high hopes about this little sample. I love mascara/eyeliner samples. Blinc mascara is supposed to form "tubes" around your eyelashes. I am not a fan. It is SO difficult to take off and it doesn't give much eyelash "oomph" 

The directions on this tiny tube were SO tiny I could hardly read them. Due to this...I thought it was a spray and it's a serum so I "sprayed" it on my head...that didn't work. Once I figured it really just made my hair oily.

This tinted moisturizer is the worst...only because it is like 3 shades too dark. Fail.

BirchBox Conclusion -
This was pretty much a fail. I contacted the customer service regarding the color of the moisturizer seeing as you fill out their form and give them the very important "complexion and coloring" information. Also after seeing all the boxes people received with FULL SIZE Stila lipstick AND nail polish...I was really irritated because I felt like I was one of the few that got the "box leftovers" - I asked if I needed to fill out my form again. They more or less told me it couldn't hurt to fill it out again and "update" my answers. I checked and my answers couldn't be more current. I'm still fair complexion and I would still "splurge" on nail polish. BIG FAIL for me this month Birch people...big.

MyGlam - 

Oh Happy Day! 
This months MyGlam theme was Beach Beauty. When I first learned that bit I was apprehensive because even though I live in Florida...I loathe the beach.

Contents - Facial Towlettes/SPF Moisturizer/Hydrating Conditioner/Lip plumper (Full size)/Nail Polish (Full size)

-Nume provided a couple of coupon codes which is always appreciated
-The bag rundown, I appreciate the fact they show the other items that were included in bags, not just the ones you received. It's nice to know without searching what other people may have received
-When I saw the sticker promo card for the nail polish I couldn't wait to dig in!

The bag! How perfect of a bag for the beach theme! Also, you can tell this came at a different time since my nails are completely different from the other photos!

Buxom lip plumper - I am/was happy with the color - Just a kiss of blush pink and the lip gloss texture/quality was nice too. No burning...just a light tingle. A+

Ahhhh! I was sold just based off the packaging!!! And the bright yellow color is pretty great. I will be testing the polish out once I chance out my polish this weekend.

In Florida it's even more important to protect your skin...and if I can protect it and it smell like green apple...that's even better. I'm trying out my Wen Hair System now so I haven't used the conditioner but it smells nice and I do plan on trying it!

MyGlam Conclusion - 
Winner winner!! Come on...this was a clear winner. 
The cucumber towelettes are terrific and soft and effective. I'll be purchasing those the next time my current towelettes I use run out!
The bag was adorable, the polish is fab, I am 100% happy with each item. Probably because I can use them all! 


I'll give Birch Box a couple more months but so far I am extremely underwhelmed with the big BB. 

Do you subscribe to either service? Were you happy with what you got? If you post about please share! 

Talk to you soon!

  1. I have a birch box subscription and have been completely underwhelmed the past few months as well. Those ear buds suck, they are horrible. I tried them at the gym because I couldn't find my good pair. Ugh. I am giving bb one more month. If I am dissapointed again, I am cancelling. For sure. Glam looks awesome though, definitely going to check that out!

  2. I've never done a subscription box because I'd be afraid of ending up with a bunch of things I couldn't/wouldn't use/want. I have that Buxom lip plumper that came as part of a little makeup kit I bought though, and I love it!

  3. Wow, the MyGlam box looks like it had amazing things in it!

    Courtney ~

  4. First and foremost, I say YES to including yourself in the photos when you do the reviews! And My Glam set looks so cool! :P I like the fact that they include cute pouches you can keep using forever. And I pinned those cucumber towelettes a long time ago and still haven't tried them, haha. It's good to hear they're actually good. I'll try to find them at the pharmacy the next time I go ;).

    Happy midweek, sweet Jenna! :D

  5. Hey Doll!!
    Ohh fantastic review!!! I have been wondering if I should sign up for either... I've heard mixed reviews. The idea of the tint being 3 shades off stinks... yeah..annoying especially if you filled in fair...which I am as well. and the idea of seeing other peeps receiving full size items and feeling as if you got leftovers is a big bummer. :(

    But oh boy that second bunch of goodies seems fantastic! LOVE the circus packaging!

    Thanks bunches for the review!! I'm not sold yet...but totally considering it.

    And thanks bunches for popping in on my blog...always so nice to see you! :)

    Love from the NJ Shore!
    xo Jenny

    ps you are adorable!


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