Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer Swatches & Review - The Enchanted Collection

Hello my friends!

I have such an exciting and oh so enchanting collection to share with you today!

Mystic Muse...come on...they have some of the prettiest collections and now they added to the pretty with extra BEAUTIFUL bottles!

The toppers in the this collection are in special color specific bottles. Toppers in clear bases can be difficult to know just by looking at the bottle what color the topper will be...not the case here! The colors on the outside of the bottle reflect the color of the topper!

I just want to share that all the polishes are shown topped with the Crystal Clear top coat by Mystic Muse. Also the toppers are shown with one coat and polishes with two coats.

Okay now...Lots of photos to share now!

**color shifting polish - warm & spicy shades of red, orange, fuchsia, & gold**
***I'm not a fan of color shifts all that much but this is so so lush and rich. A true stunner. The colors in the shift go so perfectly together! No issues with formula, application, or staining.***

**A color shifting polish with a mauve base & shifts to blue, green, & purple**
***This is the most interesting polish. I've never seen or worn anything like it. It has a flatter finish the polish above but it's the flat finish that lets all the colors shine. The colors all over the place. There is so much life in this polish! No issues with formula, application, or staining***

**Topper in a clear base with red & gold shimmer**
***What a dainty & lovely addition to any polish. I LOVE toppers over black so here ya go! You get plenty of sparkle with one swipe of the brush. This is a shimmer so it's not insanely difficult to remove. Two thumbs up!***

**blue/silver/pink shimmer topper in a clear base**
***Another beautiful topper to add to the enchanted mix! This topper is more subtle than the last but not any less lovely. A lovely addition to any polish or polish stash! ***

**Cool sapphire & teal shimmers in a clear base**
***I believe this one has since been renamed to Mermaid's Song, just an informational FYI to you guys, I don't believe anything but the name changed. I wanted to show you a plain gray polish next to the topper over the same gray polish. This topper provides a beautifully subtle change over light polishes and more oomph over darker colors. You'll see it over black also.***
Above - Mermaid's Tears on all but ring finger to show the variation with & without MT.
Above - MT over black

 L-R over black - 
Mermaid's Tears, Dragon Breath, and Unicorn Tears

That's it for this collection folks!

Which is your favorite? Did you snag any of them?

Where to find Mystic Muse Nail Lacquer -

That Gal...signing off!!

*polishes sent for my 100% honest review & opinions*

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