LynBDesigns Review & Swatches - The Name is Everything

Oh my friends. Do I have some exciting stuff to share with you today.

First of all...I DID make it to the Wizarding World on Friday! The weather held out for the most part. There was a short downpour but we were tucked safely inside The Three Broomsticks chowing down on pub food and Butterbeer!

And how perfect is the timing of my trip with this post packed full of Harry Potter goodness? is my 31st birthday! Oooh weee so much exciting stuff is happening!

I think I'm going to share some of my favorite photos from my trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter later this week also.

Today let's focus on some pretty fabulous Harry Potter goodness from LynBDesigns.

So what house are you? Are you a Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin?
I'm a Ravenclaw and so is my husband!

Jenna over at LynBDesigns is releasing The Name is Everything collection in three short days!
And to be more specific...the release is at 7 pm EST on 6/19/15.

Each polish below is shown all by itself with no undies, three thin coats of each polish, topped with B Shiny from LynB.

Kindness & Justice
**Inspired by the one and only Hufflepuff house. The house that good old Cedric (R.I.P.) was in.**
***Lots of gray crelly goodness in this beauty. Gray with black, white silver, gold, & gold holo glitters. The formula was easy to work with. The glitters played nicely and weren't an issue getting lots on the nail. The Hufflepuff House will rejoice!*** 

Brave & Adventurous
**Inspired by the Gryffindor house this red jelly hits the nail on the head of inspiration**
***Lovely crelly formula. Red crelly with red, orange, yellow, white, & black glitters. As with most jellies, and all polishes in this collection, it needs thin coats and three will get you to opacity. No issues with formula or application.*** 

Curiosity & Knowledge 
**Inspired by Ravenclaw, the house I call my own, any other Ravens out there??**
***Blue crelly loaded with blue and bronze microglitters and black and white glitters. This one has more of a glitter texture and formula than the previous two polishes. It dries to a more textured finish because of that. It can probably be opaque in two coats if you use thicker coats than I did. No issues with staining, application, or formula***

Greatness & Ambition
**Inspired by the always ominous, for better or for worse, Slytherin house**
***Green crelly with silver, gray, green, red, & purple glitters. I'm not going to lie...I may walk the line between Slytherin & this beauty really spoke to me. Plus...I love green. There is so much fabulous going on in this beauty. No issues with formula or application. And like all the other polishes this is shown with three thin coats.***

Where to find LynBDesigns - 

What's even more exciting then this collection? Well...not much. 
But what makes this collection MORE exciting...there will be two more Harry Potter themed collections from LynBDesgins releasing  in July!

Again The Name is Everything Collection will release Friday (6/19) at 7 pm EST.

That Gal...signing off!!

*polishes sent for my 100% honest review and swatches*

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