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Hey there friends!

How goes it? How was your week?

My husband and I spent a large amount of time watching Harry Potter. If the weather plays nicely we will be on our way to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter this Friday for my birthday! Summer in Florida is rough. Rain is pretty much guaranteed at some point during the day no matter what. If the chance for rain is too high on Friday...we will just go later in the year for a belated birthday. One way or another...we will go!

Have any of you ever gone to the Wizarding World?

Today I have a throwback Pahlish to share with you! This New Sun is probably a good 2 years old at this point...and it's fabulous.

I still see them in destash sales so keep an eye out!

This New Sun
**If there was a polish that described me...I think this would be it. As soon as I put this felt like a polish that was literally made for me. Photos are shown with 2 coats topped with the NEW Magic Mirror top coat from Pahlish! No issues with formula or staining either!**
 Where to find Pahlish -

See you Wednesday!

That Gal...signing off!!

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