Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Mid-week Coffee Break - Yep...It's All About Cats

I know. A post about cats. It's downright shocking isn't it?

I was inspired to do a theme post when I stumbled across the second second photo in today's list of findings. Spoiler alert- it's a tunnel shaped like a cat.

I hope you can take a little break from your day and enjoy the finds!

Now I have this mug so I can tell you first hand that it's adorable.
In the "house cats" series on Look Human you'll find -
Ravenpaw, Literrin', Kittendor, & of course Hufflescruff. 

You's a cat tunnel.

Although this isn't a "new to the internet" still enterains me.

I'm a Gemini and I find it freaking adorable that the yarn is wrapped around the description of the traits for Gemini. Also the picketing mice for Aquarius. 

I would imagine this would stain the heck out of your teeth/tongue's adorable.

I love that this cake is a part of an article featuring cat themed wedding cakes for the cat obsessed bride. This one is so dainty AND seemingly unimpressed. PS - my wedding cake had a custom cat themed topper. 

That's it for this edition of Mid-week Coffee Break!

I hope you enjoyed the feline motif of the post. I certainly did!

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