As promised...some photos from my bag (or box) of birthday goodies

Happy Saturday all! It's been a very dark and gloomy Saturday in these parts which has kept me inside but because of that...I finally took my final exam for my Laboratory and Diagnostic Procedures class...which means I have two classes to go to complete my Veterinary Assistant certification! Next up is the Animal Nursing class. 

Now back to what this post is truly! If you recall my post about the anticipated arrival of my birthday goodies I ordered from good ol' Hot Topic, I promised to take photos of most of my fun finds, so without further adieu here they are!

Probably one of my fave purchases, it holds so much for being how small it is, and though it's weird to use the tail to open and close makes me laugh every time! (PS - the nail polish is also one of my purchases!)

Rawr! Such a neat find (I love tigers!) and it's not heavy at all which was a surprise to me because it looked like it would weigh a ton!

Channeling my inner Hepburn : )

Hello purple leopard - I <3 you

Color anyone? This girl needs a little pop of color...especially on a rainy day!

So far, I've gotten the most "where did you get that" while wearing one these, and they come in three different colors!

I wasn't able to take photos of my eyeliner or ALL the colors of the bows because that would've been overkill on bow photos but I was able to showcase the key items. I was happy with all my purchases which is quite a big deal when you order that many things. 

I love hair clips that are in the form of bows, I'm currently in the process of growing out my bangs that have been a part of my 'do for over 3 years now, so I thought I'd give growing them out a try. We'll see how that turns out because I'm already missing them!

Anyone else have any stories good/bad about making the "bang grow out" decision?

Cat Nip and Chew Toys,


  1. LOVE the bows! I just recently cut me some thick chunky bangs so I don't have much advice on growing them out... haha!


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