A belated but still amazing...Thrifty Thursday!

Please forgive me for my Thrifty Thursday tardiness, this hectic week has kicked my crafty bottom, but alas I am bringing you a fabulous find from Presser Foot so get your crafting hats on!

Keep in mind, patience may be a important virtue to possess for this one if you aren't great with strings, which would be me but I am without a doubt planning on trying this one! There are so many color options!


Tutorial : DIY Nautical Headband

How to make a Nautical Headband

-4 yds of rope or ribbon cut into 4 equal strands
-1/2 yd 1 inch twill
-hair band
-sewing needle
The following pictures show you step by step how to make the sailor's knot with your first two strands of rope. Pay careful attention to which strand is on top or under the other. For more help click here.

Now take your third and fourth strands of rope and snake them side by side into the knot by the first two strands.

Slowly pull the knot tighter, keeping it even and the knot flat.

Here is a closeup of how the knot should look now.
Take your needle and thread and about 1 inch from the knot sew together the four strands of rope to keep them flat on the back..
Repeat on the other side.
Here is the front.
Trim your ropes so that all of the ends are even and the whole thing is about 19 inches long with the knot at about 7 1/2 inches (so that it is on the side of your head).
Cut two pieces of twill at about 3 inches.
Using your sewing machine or your needle and thread sew both of your ends flat.
On the shorter side of the headband (closer to the knot) and on the front of the headband, line the edge of the twill with the end of the rope and sew with your sewing machine at 1 inch from the edge.
Fold the twill down over the stitch line and flip the headband over so you are seeing the back. Place the hair holder inside of the twill tape as shown.
Fold at about 1/4 inch.
Now fold up so that the folded twill tape covers the stitch line.
Sew this edge down as well.
Try on the headband to see if you need to take any length off. If you do then trim off a little rope before continuing. Now repeat the previous steps on the other end of your headband (the longer side). In the end it should look like this.

Here it is on.
  1. Pretty fantastic!
    I've been wanting to make one of these for a while.
    In my case, because my hair is so short, I'd alter the proportions to make the knot exaggerated... huge! ;)

  2. I love this! What a great idea and so simple! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, this is beautiful! I will give it a go for sure ~ thanks for sharing :O)

  4. Wow, that is amazing!! You are so creative! Love it! xxx


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