Get your smile on! (and check out my new blog layout while you're at it!)

Is it just me or did Sunday sneak up on you too? It's going to be quite a hectic upcoming work week for me, my boss is on vacation, so I've got to take hold of the Legal reigns. Plus, get ready to head to Ft. Myers, FL on Saturday for my brother's wedding, me and my other half have a 6 hour drive on Saturday! 

How did your weekend treat you? 

So please take a second and give the Sunday Smile a looksie...because it cracked ME up when I saw it...and not because the cat looks like my little lion Penelope.

                                                                               Source: via Thomas on Pinterest

PS - I joined the ranks of the Pinterest junkies today - my boards aren't full yet by any means but come check me out and follow me if you dare! :p My Pinterest

Also if anyone has thoughts on the new look of the blog please feel free to share!

Cat Nip and Chew Toys,


  1. Ssoooo CUTE! =D

    Your newest follower,

  2. Hi Jenna. I love the new look. And yes, Sunday did sneak up on me, too. However will we get everything done this week if we can't even keep up with the days?

  3. i love the new look!
    and cat photo is hilarious!


  4. That cat looks like he works out!

  5. Love the kitty picture! My cat's love bags too, it's so funny when they try to fit into a bag that is much to small for them!


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