New construction? Maybe...just maybe..

So my better half and I went house hunting (again) today. We put an offer in on a short sale condo almost 2 months ago but we are waiting deep deep deep in the weeds still. Come 6/12 we will be at our 60 day required wait time to hear from the bank then we are out of the Agreement!

So we trekked around town again today with our agent but this time I really expanded my search area because obviously my very small previous desired area wasn't turning up much of a selection. 

Unfortunately, most if not all of our options are short sales or foreclosures, and just not in the best shape considering all of the up front work they would need. This first time home buyer is made of a lot of things but one of them is not money! 

So our agent decided to "open the door" to new construction and right now we are running with it. I am cautiously optimistic but we will have more info in the upcoming week. Eeek! (excited/nervous exclamation not a scared one!)

Sorry this wasn't the most entertaining or crafty post in the world but I thought it is at least a relatable one to the masses. 

Wish us luck! Here's hoping to good news coming our way (I am looking forward to possibly having my own personal designated art studio...woo hoo!)

Cat Nip and Chew Toys,


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