MyGlam Bag vs. Birch Box

Hey ladies!

Are you tired of seeing blog posts about Birch Boxes and other curated goods?

I hope not because otherwise this is a completely boring post for you...

I had decided to not be on the BB bandwagon that everyone else seemed to be on. But I had also put myself on the waiting list for a subscription prior to that decision. Not just for BB but for a handful of other curated boxes/bags. 

I signed up for MyGlam because it was the only subscription service that didn't have a waiting list! 

Last month I got the email saying that I could get my BB I took the bait and I signed up! 

I can't help it...I love getting goodies in the mail!!!

This week I got both my MyGlam bag and my Birch Box in the mail on the same day.

And long story short...I prefer my MyGlam bag. 

Both MyGlam and Birch Box cost $10 per month which is nice. But MyGlam also sends a new adorable make up pouch that holds your samples each month! Yeah...I'm a sucker for packaging.

Okay okay...enough with words let me share some photos.

*Birch Box*

Yep...those are my sweatpants. 

As you probably know by now it was a Gossip Girl themed box. The only thing missing from this photo is a elastic headband...aka a shoelace with stretch.

While I wasn't unhappy with the products (Samples of makeup brush cleaner, tinted moisturizer, nail polish, and perfume.) I was hoping for a full size of something...or at least a slightly larger sample size of an item. Maybe that's just me? Did anyone else receive a box with the same items I did? 


Come on!! How cute is the makeup pouch?

So more samples obviously because it IS a sample subscription! But...there was a full size lipstick. Yesssss! And not just a lipstick...a fabulous one. It's by Studio Gear and it is the softest lipstick I've ever used. (Samples - Perfume..that's it. That was the only "sample) The rest of the items were nail art stickers, two make up brushes, and lipstick.

 So I'd be lying if I said the full sizes and items weren't the main reason I kinda prefer MyGlam for this round.

The lipstick!

What do you think about the curated boxes? Are you signed up for any? Or considering any of them? I'd love to hear your opinions and if you received any of the above boxes this month!

Talk to you soon!

  1. i think i'm gonna switch my birchbox subscription to give myglam bag a try just based on the pouch hehe

  2. I also think I may swap my Birchbox subscription...

    Courtney ~

  3. Ok, that lipstick is freaking perfect on you. That alone makes the myGlam one better.

    I've been contemplating signing up for Birchbox, but now that I've seen the difference, I might try that other one!

    The Tall Blonde Artist

  4. My sister got Birch Box this month and I got MyGlam. After I ordered MyGlam I found a bunch of reviews on YouTube that haaaaated it! So I was really nervous. After I got it, however, I was thrilled! I didn't have any trouble at all with the two biggest complaints in the reviews I read (bad customer service and too many small sizes + papers) I didn't get my tracking number right away so I emailed them and heard back within 24hrs! I think it's great and I can't wait to get my next one! <3

  5. i. love. that. lipstick. on you.

    that is all :)

  6. That lipstick was made for you! I just cancelled my birchbox after this Gossip Girl one. I decided there had to be way better subscriptions to spend my $10 a month on. After 3 disappointing boxes of "old lady" stuff I'd had enough. I'm on the waiting list for MyGlam though. The lipstick and the bag would be worth the money!

  7. Thank you, Jenna! For being honest and saying you prefer MyGlam to BirchBox! The latter seems to be the most popular one so far, and yet, to tell you the truth, I haven't been impressed at all with the goodies they send (according to the reviews I've seen in other blogs).

    And hey, if you love getting things in the mail, don't hesitate to check out Franck de las Mercedes' website, which I've featured in my blog today. This artist sends you a box covered in abstract art for free! :D You can also order a box to be sent to someone else other than you. I thought his idea was brilliant!

    And it was SO great to hear from you again! :D I've missed you, Jenna!!!

    Hope you have an awesome weekend!


  8. Jenna, I totally LOVE the lipcolor on you! And guess what?!?!?! I finally got glasses from Coastal! I got the same style as yours (twinsies) but in pink (translucent ones) and now I want EVERY SINGLE COLOR!

    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    the shop of worldly delights

  9. Nice items in the MyGlam bag

  10. In my BB, I got a rather large size Stila liquid eyeliner in a bronze color and it is amazing! I also got a sample of different perfume that I wasn't too fond of (Bulgari something), that Dr. Jart Beauty Balm (which I like, but not for the full size price), and a pumpkin face scrub that smells amazing that I haven't had a chance to use yet. It looks like you got a bad batch :/

    I got that same nail polish in turquoise the month before and loved it! It is my favorite color. :)

    I just signed up for the waiting list on Glam Bag because I've heard they give bigger samples and even full size products. Plus I think the little bags are cute (even though they might just lie on the closet shelf...).


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