A Look Inside - My Office!

So I thought it would be fun to share with you guys where I work. Well not where I work, as in my full time job, but where I work on all the polish things!

That is far more exciting to see then my desk at my work.

Over the weekend my husband and I took a little trip to IKEA in Tampa. We are about the same distance from both Orlando and Tampa, both of which have an IKEA, normally we go to Orlando but we switched it up this time!

I finally came to terms with needing more than just my helmers. I needed 1-2 more helmers to fit both my tried and untried polishes...but IKEA changed the colors of their helmers. I already had four silver ones...I didn't want something different! It made my OCD state of mind go all haywire. 

So I decided to invest in a couple of Alex units. Now my Alex drawers hold my untrieds and my helmers store both my tried polish and misc things like stickers/decals/base/top coats.

I'll share little tid bits about the photos below each photo. So I don't keep clogging up this post with so much explanation!

Wide shot of the polish storage area. The rug is from IKEA. I've had it for years and I still love it! The picture is also from IKEA...I've had it for years too and it's still my fave!
The swatch sticks below the picture are on a wire and they are just where I store all of my sticks after I swatch new polish. Also...an Olive photobomb. 

There they are! My husband was such a trooper getting these built this weekend. He knew I was chomping at the bit to get organized! Above those is just a bulletin board I covered with fabric. I've had it for probably...4 years. I keep photos I've taken of my cats, miscellaneous cat themed things, business cards, playbills. Anything that I want to save!

And now my helmers have turned into helmer towers! I don't have much space in the office because my husband and I share the room so I had to get creative. Lucky for me...my husband is handy because he bolted them to each other to make sure they wouldn't fall.

Here is my desk! I bought this a couple of months ago. I needed storage for my makeup. Storage that wasn't out in the open. Yep it's from IKEA. It's perfection. Now every bit of makeup has a designated space and most of it, except for my lipstick, is out of site! This is also where I blog and paint my nails.

My favorite desk item is probably my Muji drawers. I LOVE lipstick. I also love to see it. These 5 drawer acrylic organizers are the bees knees. Also you'll see my Bertie Botts jelly beans from The Wizarding World, a little flower pot from IKEA that holds my ColourPop Lippies, a notepad from IKEA, and some other knick knacks I've been given or purchased over the years.

Make up brushes, a light from IKEA to help shine some extra light in the morning when I get ready, my mirror, and that nifty little magnetic strip that holds random makeup & nail polish items.

This is a new set up. Once I brought in those giant Alex drawers...I needed to rearrange and try my best to keep things from looking jam packed. I used to take photo at my desk but I may try this from  now on. I like that I don't have to move my lights back and forth so we shall see. Also that container full of polish are polishes that I need to swatch on swatch sticks!

This is my little dancing devil that stays on my windowsill. He was given to me a couple years ago when I worked at Nemours. He always made me smile because he just loves to groove.

There's Miss Olive signing off!

That's it! If you want to see a stash post or anything like that just let me know. I know some people enjoy them and some people...not so much.

Thanks for reading and taking the tour!

How do you store your polish?

That Gal...singing off!!

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