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Aloha friends!

The salutation seemed appropriate considering the name of today's polish.

Also it's kind of a running joke between my husband and I that I long to be Hawaiian. 

It's true. They just seem like really great people. It's no secret, if you know me, I'm err on the side of high strung which seems to be the complete opposite of the Hawaiian state of mind. 

Okay enough about me strange wishes to be Hawaiian...let's get to the good stuff shall we?

Bear Pawlish is pretty fabulous...I've never met a BP I didn't love. Mahalo is no exception.

Scroll on down to see photos, where to find BP, and my overall thoughts on this beauty!

**Neon coral holo with micro-flake shimmers**
***Yep, there's not much to say about this except, it's stunning and perfection. No issues with formula or application. The brush is a little shorter and fatter than most brushes but it totally works. I used 3 thin coats in my photos but not because it was needed really...2 coats would suffice. Topped with HK Girl Top Coat***

Where to find Bear Pawlish - 

Where to find Bear Pawlish -

That Gal...signing off!!

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