My Darling Curios Review & Swatches - Manic Melon

Hey guys!

Can we just take a second a try to figure out how in the world it's nearing August??

It's been in the mid-90's in my neck of the woods through most of July so I'm really not looking forward to the hottest time of the year in Florida. Ick. 

Anywho, I have a new to me brand to share with you today! 

My Darling Curios had a big sale a little while ago where I bought a 6 polishes...I think. In that package was a little mini polish called Manic Melon. Oddly enough I used the mini before I used any of the ones I purchased! A couple weeks later there was another sale and like the devoted polish addict that I am...I bought the full size of this! The photos show the mini bottle because it's the only one I had at the time. 

Make sure to follow her IG because sales are announced there before anywhere!

*It looks like this babe is sold out right now. I can't say I know if/when it will be restocked but have no fear...there are some beautiful alternatives for sure!*
**Watermelon pinky polish with holo dust**
***I was so in love with my nails when I wore this. It also lasted for 3 days...and would've lasted longer...if I left it on. Normally I'm ready to switch after day 1 of a polish. No issues with application or formula**

Where to find My Darling Curious - 
IG ** FB ** Shop **

See you on Wednesday!

That Gal...signing off!!

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