Friday Finds - 'Tis the Season and a Winner!

'Tis the hurricane season that is.

I get so grumpy when it's constantly raining AND I have to drive half an hour home in it from work. Oh well. I will celebrate the not so celebratory season today with rain related finds!


But first...the winner of giveaway is...comment #3 which belongs to Courtney Erin!!! I used good ol' to choose the winner. Courtney - Kat will be contacting you about the next steps for you to get your print!


Time for some rain inspired goodies!

These hand painted flats are so darn adorable. The flats on their own are super cute but add the rainbow/clouds...over the moon cute.

Eeeek! So cute...and affordable. Earrings win.

This lovely rain boot print is from a wedding photo it. It's gorgeous. And makes me want rain boots. 

I love everything about this print...I want to hang it on the itty bitty bit of space in my master bedroom...but I can't find the source!

The ONLY hurricane I want to come face to face with :)

So any plans for the weekend? 

I'm trying to conserve all the gas I can so hopefully I won't be straying too far from my homestead. I am going to see The Buddy Holly Story on Saturday with the fiance and my parents. I'll have to make sure to take photos.

Talk to you soon!

  1. I think you knew it was now pouring in South Florida too! It was a nasty drive to work, but all of your rain picks are so cute. I may have to grab some of those earrings. I think they'll make hurricane season more bearable.

  2. Eep, I'm so excited that I won!!!!

    Courtney ~

  3. OOhhhh... I love your post! :) Those painted flats are seriously too cute! Love them!!

    And I'm a fan of Buddy Holly. I also think it's cool that when we moved out here, I got to go see the museum and stuff since Buddy Holly is from Lubbock. Suh-weet!

    Have an awesome weekend!

  4. Love love love the shoes and earrings!!!
    And the Hurricane beverage... those contributed to a very interesting weekend in New Orleans once upon a time... ;)

  5. i love all your finds! especially the rain boots and flowers! That one is original <3

  6. Hi, Jenna! How have you been? Awe, rain sounds cool on this neck of the woods! I so miss storms! But hurricanes sound too dangerous! :/ It's always a good excuse to get yourself some wellies, though, :p like the ones in the photo you posted, haha.

    And, hey! You can purchase that print here ;):

    And congrats to Courtney! ;)

    Have a fab weekend, sweet Jenna! ;D


  7. It is raining up a storm here too. Nothing major. Just a heck of a lot of rain. I want to go out tomorrow... so the weather had better clear up!

  8. You have an adorable personality -- it comes through loud and clear. Your outfits are cute, too. And we have common friends -- I was thrilled to see you know Kat!

  9. Sweeet. :D I'm so glad you like the flats, Jenna! Thanks for the etsy convo btw. Your blog is really cute. :)


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