What I Wore - *Rave On*

Hey everyone! (PS - the subject of this has nothing to do with my outfit...it's a Buddy Holly themed title!)

How was your weekend? 

Maybe Mother Nature got a little look-see at my post from Friday and decided to chill out with the rain because we didn't have any this weekend! So I was able to get some photos taken on Saturday before the fiance and I met my parents at the theater to see Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story. 

Which by the way was AMAZING! If it's ever in your city I highly recommend seeing it. 

Besides that...I just watched a bunch of Mad Men episodes. I'm on season 3 now...and I swear it is  such an irritating show but I can't stop watching it because I'm waiting not to be annoyed. Plus...the fashion. Swoon.

So anywho...here's some photos.

My favorite go to dress...as long as I have a cardi because this thing has a weird back that you can't wear a bra with...which is never great when you are a busty gal. Yay cardigans!

A necklace that belonged to my grandmother was the perfect necklace for the occasion/outfit.


New glasses too...LOVE them! The silver "lining" around the top is my favorite.

Okay here is a video to explain the photo below it and my irritated look. I was attempting to get a photo of me "playing a guitar" since we were en route to Buddy Holly. To my surprise the fiance thought filming it would be hilarious.

The photo taken AFTER I realized he just took a video. 

Oh look! Another video...

And another photo taken after the video. Me stamping my feet in irritation. Fists are ready. When I'm annoyed I have a tendency to ball my fists up. Maybe I'm prepping just in case I need to throw a punch :) 

No fists were thrown. So a ta-da is in order!

Wears Head to Toe - 

Glasses - Coastal
Cardigan - OLD tried and true from Target
Dress - ModCloth
Tights - HUE
Shoes - ZooShoo

That's it folks. Thanks for reading :)

  1. Such a cute dress! and I'm glad you enjoyed the show -- if I ever see it's playing in my neck of the woods I will definitely check it out.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  2. Love the lace and pearls! And from one busty girl to another I'm with you on the whole cardigan thing!

  3. This might be my all-time favorite outfit I've seen on you! I might have to start staking you just so I can steal that dress ;-) The whole look is adorable!
    C Marcia (Sequins)

  4. beautiful dress, doll! how fun you got to go see buddy! i saw that a loooong time ago on a cheerleading trip, and it was an interesting show. it was a theater full of horny teenage girls, and there were scenes with buddy with his shirt off. LOTS of hooting and hollering :P

  5. Aww, You are simply the most adorable thing. Ever. And your mini videos made me laugh with cuteness! Lace and pearls is a classic girly look. love it <3

  6. HA ha ha, you are too cute!
    That is such a lovely dress xo

  7. What an awesome and elegant dress! So delicate! I can't wear dresses without a bra ... I can't wear anything without a bra, actually. Except when I'm home, haha.

    The second video is adorable! ;D

    Hugs, sweet Jenna!

  8. Very pretty outfit. Smart move wearing colored tights.

  9. The Mad Men irritation will go on for a while longer, but then it stops. Don gets significantly better, and he was a lot of the problem for me in the first place. What part at you at?

  10. Very sweet and romantic outfit! Love it!


  11. I have to say, I love your outfit posts!
    So many bloggers are so serious & pretentious
    And you're just cute & having fun :)
    Have a good weekend x

  12. Lovely outfit and I'm also a big fan of Buddy Holly. Rave On was played at our wedding. xo


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