My Glam vs. Birch Box - June Edition

Hey guys! How is the week treating you?

My week will improve by 100% come 4 pm this afternoon which is when I clock out of work and begin my 3 day weekend!! Saturday is my birthday so I figured it was only appropriate to make it a long weekend. 

And for those of you wondering the age that is gracing's 28. 28 years...crazy...when I was a kid I'm sure I thought 28 was ancient. 

Anywho, I kind of enjoyed doing a compare/contrast of the MyGlam bag and Birch Box last month so I thought I'd share again!

Last month MyGlam was the winner by a long shot in my book and surprisingly it wasn't such an easy win this time around....

Birch Box *

This month's theme was your inner jet setter and after seeing some other boxes that went out I'm glad I got what I did. I can't imagine my disappointment if I received self tanner/bronzer my china doll aka Casper skin would've scoffed at such a product.

Miki if you are reading this...when I saw these band-aids I thought of you and your recent post about these!!

 I was SO excited when I saw these products! The eye liner and the band-aids...and then the lip stain AND some sweet rose smelling spray. Yes please. Two big thumbs up (big like Tom Cruise's thumbs in Tropic Thunder...that kind of big) for this month's BB! Oh and they sent a neat little sample cologne for men which is nice.

Let's not forget...the stain and the spray were wrapped in tissue paper which was tied with ribbon and cats love ribbon. So if it were up to Charlie and Trixie...BB would win by a long shot this month.

Final verdict - I can't say because I just received the box on Wednesday so I haven't used any of the product yet. Except I tried the stain and I wasn't all that impressed by it. I wouldn't buy a full size I know that much. But at first is a great box!

* MyGlam *

I failed at taking photos of the "info insert" that came with the bag this month so I don't have any of their product like in the BB photos. BUT I can say this month's bag was a Out All Night inspired bag. 

Hellllooooo glitter clutch! This was a new style of bag than the normal zipper pouch and it couldn't have been more perfect for the theme. And to top it nails are gold right now so it was kinda like a match made in heaven. 

I was thrilled when I opened the bag. Thrilled I tell ya. Finally...I could use all of these products! It's hit or miss with these curated bags if you'll be able to use any of them. 

And Trixie couldn't choose her favorite product either. Though she could have used a better tactic to decide...hers was just shoving everything off the table then pawing at whichever was shiniest. 

Final Verdict - 
Since I received my bag on Monday I've had the chance to use all the products!

-The Living Proof frizz-ease cream is great...I don't really have issues with flyaways but I love the way it smells and it does what it says from what I can tell. 
-The Take a Breath from Purology is magic. It makes my skin feel so fresh and lovely. I may have to shell out the 34 bucks for the full size...maybe...that's a heck of a lot of money.
- NYX Round Lipstick in Orange Soda has an adorable name but is an AWFUL color. Someone told me on instagram that they are using it as an under eye concealer and it works great though. The color I received sucks...yep...but it is a great lipstick. I may try them in other colors because there are a ton to choose from.
- Marbella semi-permanent liquid eyeliner is great. This is the first time I've used liquid eyeliner since I made myself look like fancy skunk as a teen. It stays on...somewhat of a pain to take off...but NO smudging which is amazing.

So Who Won?

This month will have to go to MyGlam again. It was a tough call but what pushed it into the top spot was that I received my MyGlam bag first and had more time to try the products out! And they were sent out within a day of each other! Plus I can't get enough of the Purology moisturizer!! 

Did you get one or both of these this month? How did you like what you got? 

Talk to you soon!

  1. I wasn't to happy with my Birchbox this month...I think I may cancel is and try My Glam instead - I've been more impressed with the content in them.

    Courtney ~

  2. Hahaha! Yay, the Band Aids! ;P I got an e-mail saying BB was going to send out those. Cynthia Rowley recently launched a new beach line, but they're ridiculously expensive (for bandages). I love the way MyGlam present their products; they always give you a neat container-puch, right?

    Hey, so what are your plans for your birthday? ;D I would've sent you a card or something, but I didn't know it was now :/ ... Maybe I can still send it even if it arrives later :p.

    By the way, I have a Shabby Apple giveaway going on if you want to enter ;).

    Happy 3 day weekend! You totally deserve more time off work! ;D

    Hugs to you guys and the kitties! Oh, oh, one quick thing, yesterday Dimitri and I experienced our first earthquake; it wasn't a big deal and it was super short, but you should've seen Dimitri's face! He was all confused, my poor baby, haha!

  3. I got the Eyeko Fat Eye Stick which I really do love because it is a glossy black color. And I think it's full size! Exciting! But I already still have half a Benefit Bad Gal eyeliner and this is almost exactly the same :( Guess I'm just set on basic liner for a year or so.

    I did get the self-tanner, and while I'm fair, I bronze fairly easily during summer, so I'm excited to try it. A towelette? I've never tried anything like it.

    I got the Likewise facial moisturizer. It's SPF 50, which is higher than any other moisturizer I have so I like it for that, but I usually get more excited about colorful make-up than basics.

    I also got Stainiac in Beauty Queen. I bought this same product in the color Prom Queen because I love a flushed looking stained lip, but I didn't like it then and this color didn't change my mind. It isn't too bad, I even like the color, but it feels very sticky and I rub my lips often so it ends up splotchy which I don't like. I tried it on as a cheek stain (for the first time) and I did like it for that, so maybe that's a use.

    My lifestyle extra was a plastic bag. :( The band-aids are way cooler.

  4. ooh, your kitty with the string is so precious! that's exactly what my cats do when i receive a package, or whenever i'm working on a project involving yarn. anyway, i've always wanted to try nyx lipstick... sounds like i won't be getting that color, though! xx


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