It's My Birthday and I'll Online Shop if I Want To!

Hey hey party people! :)

Thanks for those of you who popped in and read my mini-post yesterday and thanks again to the people stopping by during your weekend to e-celebrate my birthday with me!

I'll be spending the day with the fiance who took the day off work. Our plans aren't set in stone so it'll be a play-it-by-ear birthday extravaganza. But we do know for sure we'll be scooting on down to my parents place this evening to have dinner and velvet cake. Yum.

So if you know know I LOVE to shop online. Slightly addicted...but don't judge me...because it's my birthday.

So today I want to share things...that...I...want. 

Yep...nothing that may appeal to other people just "gimme gimme gimme that" items on my list.

PS - I am 28 today officially at 9:10 pm. 

I want this shirt so bad!!! "I'll bury you" it. BUT I can't bring myself to spend 20 bucks on it.

This dress - Polka dots...that's all I have to say about that.

These every guys they are 28 bucks.

The New York City Ballet collection of polishes from so pretty and feminine. It's the closet I'll ever be to a ballerina!

Last but not least...this pretty perfect Nook Tablet cover...while I love my current cover I can't help but want to switch it up for this little intergalactic gem.

That's it! I hope you enjoyed coming along with me on my little window shopping birthday spree!

I will talk to you soon and thanks again for stopping in today :)

  1. Those polishes are beautiful!

  2. That polka dot dress is killing me - so cute! And happy birthday!!!!

    Courtney ~

  3. LOVE that shirt and those varnishes are adorable colours!
    Happy Birthday sweets!
    Nadine ♥ freebird. x

  4. Cute choices! I've been buying crap on eBay like a mad woman. It's sick.

    Hope you have a rad birthday!

    The Tall Blonde Artist

  5. Happy birthday! To a fellow Gemini and 28 year old ;D

  6. You seriously have the cutest taste! Love everything on here! Hope your having a great birthday! :)

  7. Geepers guurrl! GET THE SHOES!!!!! And I think the $20 is worth it for the T-shirt (if you have the $$$) since it is an item YOUR soul wants so bad! Happy Birthday Jenna! Tootles!


  8. Happy birthday (again!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess you can never say it enough :) Even though it is a belated happy bday. Anyways... I love that Nook cover... but I do love your current one too. Hope you get some money for your birthday that you can splurge on online shopping!

  9. Hey Jenna! Those are awesome items for a birthday treat! It’s fun to shop online, right? It’s the finest, fastest and most convenient way to shop. You can save time, money and best of all, its hassle free! Hehe. For girls, shopping online is the newest stress-reliever. By the way, it’s better late than never, so, I would like to greet you a belated happy birthday! =)


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