NailNation 3000 Review and Swatches - Giorgio's Holo, Softly She Weeps, and Not Your Average Girl

Whew! I really need to start getting my posts typed and ready before midnight the day before! 

I'm so sleepy! I have a great need to get my posts scheduled and ready to post at 9 am each day so I figure that staying up late and getting it finished works much better than waking up super early to make sure they're ready to go. Crazy? Or do you see the logic there?

Well either way...I do have some pretties to share with ya!

More NailNation because...I love me some NailNation 3000.

Today I have three new polishes that just recently released. Giorgio's Holo is part of a soon to be released collection that is inspired by the Rainbow Bridge poem about pets that have passed away. I can't wait to see all of the polishes she crafted for this collection. 

PS - All of these are currently available!

**outdoors - indirect sun**

Softly She Weeps**outdoors - indirect sun**

**outdoors - indirect sun**
Coats -
Two coats for each polish. No issues with application or staining.
Color Intensity -
Giorgio's Holo - This is a beautiful and bold blue with a subtle holo. This introductory polish to the Rainbow Bridge collection has me so curious what else to expect!
Softly She Weeps - This is such a unique polish! I've said before that brown isn't really my thing but this is more taupe than brown. The holo, the glitters, the nearly nude hue. So special and lovely. One of my favorites out of these three!
Not Your Average Girl - Cranberry goodness at it's finest! Everything about this screams fall/winter to me. There is so much warmth in this beauty. So stunning!
Base Coat - 

 Where to find NailNation 3000 -

Which is your favorite? 

Tomorrow I'll have a new collection from Mystic Muse to share with you!

**polishes sent for review and my 100% honest opinion**

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