Holo Grail Box January 2015 - Make a Wish - Part 1

Hey hey hey!

I'm back from my week long hiatus.
Okay so it was a full week since I did post on Monday to tell you I would be MIA for the week. 

I've been so busy with my day to day life that it can get tricky getting swatches done! 

This post is part 1 of 2 posts that will feature the polishes from the January 2015 Holo Grail Box from Dazzled. This box got a bit lost in the mail so it just found it's way to be a week or so ago!

But I didn't want to not share the polishes just because it's no where near January anymore.
Since these can all still be found second hand. I've seen them all being destashed! So if you see something you like...keep an eye out for them!

There isn't currently a pre-order happening for the Holo Grail Box but when there is it can be found here.

So today I have the contributions from Aly's Dream Polish and NailNation 3000 to show you!

Health Potion
**Stunning red holo polish - a pink/red - keeping it from leaning orange aka a stunning bright red**
***Two beautiful coats are shown in the photos topped with HK Girl Top Coat - no issues with formula or application - no staining***
Indoor office light photo - 
sadly no sun photo for this one

My Wish 4 You
**Light pink holographic polish with a gold shift**
***This polish and the Aly's are head to head for being my favorite of the box. The gold shift in this is so so beautiful. It really gives the pink something extra special. It's subtle enough for the office but special enough for outside the office. No issues with application or formula. Shown in the photos with two coats topped with HK Girl Top Coat***
Shown on the left indoors in office light and on the right is an indirect sun photo

Tomorrow I will be sharing the other two polishes from the box. See photo below for a little sneak peek!

That Gal...signing off!!

**Holo Grail Box provided for my review and opinion!**

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