SV by Sparkly Vernis Review and Swatches - Palm Trees at Night Collection

Hello my friends!

How was your weekend? My husband and I drove to Jacksonville on Saturday to visit my parents and we did a little shopping while we were there! Gainesville is really lacking stores so it was a real treat to shop a bit while we were in town. 

Today I have three of the polish from the new collection from Sparkly Vernis! The collection is called Palm Trees at Night and I just love the name! There are five polishes in the collection. The other two, not shown today, are Pink Starfish and Breeze and Wave Sounds. Click here for information about the collection in it's entirety. 

Picture time!

**Creamy, blue-green holographic leans cyan and teal**
***This polish could be a one coat holo but I opted for two coats just to even out the ridges that were more apparent than I want them to be! No staining issues. This is a thicker formula but it's mean to be a holo that doesn't require many coats. Shown with HK Girl Top Coat***
**outdoors in direct late afternoon sun**

**Translates to The Little Seashell - multicolored flakies topper in a clear base**
***I love a good flakie topper. This beauty has SO many colors in it. I couldn't find my black polish anywhere so I wasn't able to try it over a basic black but I know it would be stunning. Even over the bright teal polish it really stands out on it's own. Shown with only one coat but adding a second coat would kick up your polish even more!***
**shown below with a matte top coat**

**warm, medium-to-dark pink holographic with a hint of coral - dries matte - inspired by the diverse underwater ecosystems that house more than 25% of all marine life**
***SV has a knack for making one coat or nearly one coat holos so I wanted to make sure to share at least one set of photos with just one coat. In these photos you will see the polish shown with one coat and HK Girl Top Coat. This is a thicker formula in order for it to be one coat. No issue with staining.***
**outdoors indirect sun**

Which one is your favorite? Did you pick up any from the new collection? Do you plan to?

Where to find SV by Sparkly Vernis -
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That Gal...signing off!!

**polishes provided for review and my 100% honest opinion**

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