LynBDesigns Review & Swatches - The Vocab Collection - Part 2

Helllooo again my friends!

Today is Part 2 of the Vocab Collection from LynBDesigns!

If you read Part 1 yesterday feel free to skip to the photos because you would have seen the information below! Or by all means read it again because I think it's helpful info.

***The Vocab Collection releases THIS Friday at 7pm eastern!***

**Now here is my FYI like you'll see most neon polishes come with.
The colors are going to be brighter in person. They may be darker or lighter too. Neons are tricky little foxes to capture on film. My photos will give you the closest representation that I could manage. Also depending on your monitor/phone they may look different than how I see them! I noticed that at least twice while taking they looked in the viewfinder was so different than on the computer! So with neons you will get a good idea of the color based on a photo but chances are it will vary slightly in person.**

To save some time in the photos here are some facts - 
All polish shown with three thin coats. With the exception of the topper which is only one coat.
All polishes shown without a white base.
All polishes topped with B Shiny top coat from LynB!

**neon magenta creme with holo shimmer- opaque in 2-3 coats**
***This pink is really truly adorable. Just like the name. It's so darn spunky and SO bright. The holo shimmer in it really takes it over the top of fabulous!***

**neon blue creme with holo shimmer- opaque in 2-3 coats**
***This beauty was tricky on camera! It didn't want to show it's true color at all. The photos are slightly darker than it really is. But you get the general idea from the photos. It really is a bright but light blue. It's probably my favorite out of the whole collection!***

**neon blurple creme - opaque in 2-3 coats**
***Now for the most trying polish to photograph. It pulls SO blue on camera but it's not! It's a tried and true blurple. It will pull purple in some lights and more blue in other lighting. In my photos I tried my darndest to show you what I see in person. It's a perfect mix of blue and purple. It looks purple next to blue and blue next to purple...just like a good blurple will do!***

**neon purple creme with holo shimmer- opaque in 2-3 coats**
***See how blue Bae looks next to this purple! And this divine. It's bright but rich and full of shimmer. This is a super fun and funky color. A must have if you ask me!***

On Fleek
**Glitter topper with neon pink, yellow, green & purple glitters.**
***Photos show one coat. Yes one coat. I went back for extra glitters where I wanted something extra but there is SO much glitter in here you don't need to fish. I certainly didn't need to. This topper really jazzes up ANY polish...whether it's neon or not.***
Shown over - YOLO above, Thirsty and Bae below.
Macro is On Fleek shown over Bae with a matte top coat!

Annnnd here are all the beauties in the collection!

The collection will be releasing in a few short days!

All of the polishes are $10 and are worth every penny. If you're looking for neons...look no further my friends!

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

I will be back tomorrow with a coffee break. See ya then!

Where to find LynBDesigns - 

That Gal...signing off!!

*polishes sent for my 100% review and opinion*

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