Covergirl Lip Perfection Review and Swatches - Flame #300

Hey guys!
So this week I have a Covergirl lipstick to share with you!
I figure last week I went with a high cost brand and this week I'll go lower in price!
Are you a Covergirl fan? Have you tried the Lip Perfection line? I have a few and will probably review another one next week. I go through phases of wearing lipstick brands and this week I've been rocking a lot of Covergirl!
As always, below the photos you will find my full review, well what I consider the important bits at least!
(vibrant pinkish red - watermelon-esque)

** bare lips with hint of EOS balm **
** after 4 hours of wear **

Primer -
No actual lip primer - only a slight smidge of EOS balm
Coats -
Three to four swipes
Staying Power -
While I do love this color, it's one of my favorites, it's not something you want to wear if you need your lipstick to stick around for awhile. I'm giving it a 5 because it DOES stain so technically it "stays" but not in any moisturizing way. As you can see at hour 4, the softness/smoothness has pretty much disappeared, and it's mostly just the residual staining.
Color Feathering/Bleeding/Build Up/Caking -
Some feathering as the hours progressed but nothing terrible. Pretty much a standard light feathering for a creme. Even with some balm as a base this still dried relatively quick so there was build up. Also the lip line kept more color than the inner portions of making it appear there was a liner used also.

Believe it or not even with the less than stellar review I still love this lippie. The color is too fun and fierce to not wear it even with the cons of the formula.
You can find this baby at countless retailers. I picked mine up on ebay. There's a direct link up top, click on the name of the lipstick, to a retailer that carries it if you're curious!
See you tomorrow!

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