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Hellloooo everyone!
So a lot has happened in the last few days. We've had some activity on our house that's for sale and I've had my first interview since moving to Gainesville.
It almost feels like TOO much activity with the start of interviewing but hey...I've gotta work!
So today I have a lovely little polish from LynBDesigns from the QI Collection.
Also LynBDesigns is having a big sale right now in honor of the new FB Page for LynBDesigns fans reaching 100 likes! Use code GROUPHUG for 50% off!
 (linear holographic polish with a deep red jelly base and a smattering of orange iridescent glitter)
Indirect setting sun

Coats -
Three coats. Though two coats would suffice. A little on the thick side but nothing that's too difficult to work with.
Color Intensity -
The orange flecks in this polish really give it so much character. It really adds something jazzy to the purple polish.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Pretty Serious
Do you have any LynBDesigns in your stash?
Where to find LynBDesigns - 

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