Knockout Lacquer Review and Swatches - V.I. - Virtually Identical

 Are you guys ready for a total TKO?

I reviewed a couple polishes from the new holographic collection from Knockout Lacquer a little while back and was completely enamored with them. I had to snag the collection when it was released!

The first polish I used when I got the collection was this one because I was dying to get this stunner on my paws.

V.I. can be worn as a topper or on it's own but I chose to wear it on it's own because it's freaking amazing and I wanted to highlight it all by itself.

Annnnnd....there are two videos in the review too because the intense shimmer is best seen in live action!

V.I. - Virtually Identical
(silver polish packed with scattered holographic sparkles)

**indoor evening light - this WILL sparkle even in the dim light**
**outdoors in direct sunlight - the left photo is blurred so you can see another view of the sparkle**

Coats -
Two coats. A third coat would've made it completely opaque but two is plenty, as you can see in the videos, you can't tell that it's not completely opaque. Also there was NO issue with removal. This acts like a normal polish not a glitter polish. This also had a smooth finish with top coat.
Color Intensity -
COME ON! Look at it! It's SO intense and it's amazing and it's blindingly shiny and fabulous. On a sunny day you can easily stop traffic. Look my cats love chasing reflective light on the walls and this polish did just that when the sun hit it. It's amazing. A must for any collection!
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Where to find Knockout Lacquer -

Facebook ** Instagram ** Shop

Have you tried Knockout Lacquer yet?
I cannot wait to wear the other polishes in the collection so I can share them with you because they are all freaking magnificent!

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