NailNation 3000 Review and Swatches - Special Effect Toppers

Long time no post!

Well not really...but I was MIA on Friday. As much as I've diligently planned to not miss any posts during my move I feel like it may be impossible not to miss a couple.

Just to update you guys...I am moving on on 7/12 so VERY soon...if all things go as planned I will have posts scheduled for 7/14-7/18 and possibly into the following week. This week's posts will be written this week so they'll be current and "real time" but the scheduled posts probably won't include much in regards to what's happening on THE day they post since I will have written them in the past week! 

Whew. Moving is hard. I'm exhausted and so is my husband. The cats are stressing a bit due to the pre-move chaos in the house. I'm lucky that we have my parents nearby because they've been so helpful during all this. I will miss my mom being 30 minutes away from me BUT luckily I'm not moving too far away!


Okay so today I have some super fun top coats to share with you. NailNation 3000 is a jack of all trades I tell ya. Top coats, holographic polishes, glitters...she does it all and she does it so so well. I have three toppers to share with you today. 
All toppers were photographed with one coat and no top coat. Each set of photos has a full mani photo in direct sun and indoor light.


Satin Sheets #799
(over Essie Mezmerised) 
Satin Sheets is a color shifting top coat, I believe it's been discontinued or possibly it's just out of stock, this baby shifts from pink to blue to a light aqua hue of blue

(over Essie Sexy Divide)
I love the base coat Essie in this mani but I love it even more with this red tinted holo top coat. There was no graying of the base color at all and it gave this purple polish the most divine red holo shift!

(over Essie Licorice)
This lime green holo top coat is amazing. I included the blurred second photo so you can see the intensity of what one coat of this topper does. I wanted to try this over a green just to pack as much green as I could but I ran out of time to do a second base color for this. A must try for sure!

Where to find NailNation 3000 -

Have you tried any special effect toppers like these? More importantly have you tried any from NailNation 3000? I only showed you a few but the holo top coats come in so many different hues!

I hope you enjoyed all the pretty toppers today!

*polishes sent for my review and 100% honest opinion*

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