Pahlish Review and Swatches - Electric Boots

Okay so here's the thing.
Apparently when you move and also don't have a job it becomes much easier to lose track of what day it is.
Back in Jacksonville the trash pick up is on Friday. In Gainesville the trash pick up is on Thursday.
When Wednesday evening rolled around and we were putting the trash made me think it was Thursday. Normally on Friday mornings I will write my Things I Fancy Friday post that same day. So to my surprise I woke up on Thursday...realized it was Thursday...and that I hadn't written a post for the day the night before. See nail reviews/swatches take much more time than my Friday posts.
So feeling defeated by my inability to know what day of the week it is. I just decided to start over again this week and try again.
With ALL that being said...
I'm bringing ya Electric Boots today baby! So let's check it out!
(Bright cornflower blue linear holographic with soft gold shimmer and scattered gold flakes)
Direct setting's the setting sun and it still wants to sparkle.
Coats -
Two coats. No issues with formula or application.
Color Intensity -
Ooooh so pretty. Cornflower blue seems like a spot on reference for color on this one. The gold flecks in this beauty really give it a little something extra. The holo goodness is just perfect. Not too much. Not too little. Lovely all around.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Pretty Serious
Last week I shared with you a polish from the Elton John collection that isn't available anymore on the Pahlish site but THIS week...different story. Electric Boots is in stock. Yaaay!
Where to find Pahlish -

So I would be lying if I said things were easy breezy since the move.
I do get a little overwhelmed and I don't always find the time to sit down and blog but I will keep trying to make sure I get my posts out as much as normal. Planning for five a week...worst case scenario...hope to have at least three. 
Thanks for sticking around and seeing me through this big life change! 

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