Monday, August 11, 2014

Aly's Dream Polish Review and Swatches - Yuna - July Holo Grail Box

So you guys.
You've heard of the Holo Grail box from Dazzled right?
If's a little cliff notes of it.
It's a monthly subscription box run by Dazzled with four LE polishes made JUST for the Holo Grail box from four different indie brands. Each box has a different theme and the polishes are a mystery! You will see "inspiration photos" from each polish brand that's participating in the box but you won't see the inevitably stunning polish until it gets to your doorstep!
I wasn't able to buy the July Holo Grail box which is sad because any HG box that features an Aly's Dream Polish I want it! Luckily I was able to track down one from someone willing to sell it to me!
The July box was a video game themed box and Aly was inspired by the Final Fantasy character Yuna.
Are you ready for this?
(bright purple holo polish with a red shift)
So lots of outdoor shots in different lighting throughout the day because it's too damn pretty not to take lots of sun photos! The first photo below is a photo taken indoors. The four photos following the indoor is the polish during different times of day with direct/indirect sun.
Coats -
Three thin coats. Two regular coats would work just as well.
Color Intensity -
OMG. OMG. That red shift is AMAZING. The purple base itself is so crisp, bright, and fun then you throw in the red shift and the holo? Get outta here...Aly is a polish making magician. No words can adequately describe this beauty. If you get a chance to snag this in a resale...snag it!!
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Where to find Aly's Dream Polish -

Shop ** Facebook ** Instagram
The September pre-order for the Holo Grail Box is happening RIGHT NOW. Aly's Dream Polish will be a part of it again!!! Along with three other indie brands. Check out the Dazzled shop to pre-order it. The price is in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) so don't freak out when you see it! It's about 60 US dollars.
See you tomorrow!

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