Things I Fancy Friday - Whimsy, Sangria, Sherlock, and MORE!

Whew! Things I Fancy Friday is back from the deep dark depths of the racks!

So normally I share five items I've found on the web BUT I couldn't decide on just six it is!

Let's cut down the blah blah blah from me and get to the finds!

(↑↑↑ that's totally me)

This whimsical but totally usable porch/deck area 

Ciroc Peach summery and fancy

These stunning but casual stacked necklaces

EVERYTHING about this space

A dress...covered in butterflies. Yes.

And while we are on the subject of dresses...this is a SHERLOCK inspired dress! It's the wallpaper from 221B Baker Street!

Sooooo many great things! The internet is dangerous because there are so many things that you "window shop" but want like...ASAP. 

See you next week!

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