Mod Lacquer Review and Swatches - Revenant and Cherry Fizz

Hey everyone!
So the hubby officially started grad school today!
I'm sad that he's not here with me during the day but I also know that I have A LOT to look for a job. So far...not so good on the job I have a lot of ground to cover!
On the polish front...I have a couple of oh so pretty polishes from Mod Lacquer to share with you!
I have a total of four I want to share but I wanted to pair them up in two posts. To me it was obvious which ones to pair up. I hope you enjoy the pairings because...wowza...the polishes something else!
Let's get to it!
(bright blue with subtle duo-chrome that shifts from blue to purple with a micro fine scattered holo glitter to give a little sparkle. )
The first two photos are in direct but overcast sun and the third is in the shade. 
You can see the lovely purple shift in the macros even more so than the photos above! 
Coats -
Two easy coats. No issues with formula. Perfect consistency and application.
Color Intensity -
Hey now! This shifty babe is fabulous. I am the first to fess up and say I really am not a fan of duo-chrome polishes...or any chrome in general but MY GOODNESS. This has the perfect shift happening. It's not overpowering the base blue color. It's the perfect selection of blue/purple and then the little sparkles in it?? (Did you see those in the sunlight photo?) Amazing.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat
(bright red nail polish that is packed with fine holographic glitter which is reminiscent of tiny sparkly bubbles in a vintage Cherry Fizz cocktail - dries to a gloss finish)

Outdoor in direct but overcast sun
Coats -
Two coats. Same as the above. All easy and no issues with application.
Color Intensity -
This is such a fierce and retro cherry red. This will make you feel like a sassy little thing. This dries to a gloss/wax finish so adding a top coat will get you the glossy shine you see in the photos. The holo glitter really makes this polish even more snazzy. I love it so much!
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

I had to pair these two up because they were both so rich and bold each in their own way.
I couldn't choose a favorite out of these two...they are both freaking outstanding.
I will need a full size of Cherry Fizz in my stash for sure!
Where to find Mod Lacquer -
*polishes sent to me for my 100% honest and truthful review...because being dishonest isn't cute*

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