Smitten Polish Review and Swatches - Tornado Skies

Have you guys recovered from the punch of pink from yesterday?
Man I love that polish!
Another polish and brand that I love? Smitten!!!
I wanted to share a polish today that was the complete opposite from yesterday and this pretty little number hits the nail on the head.
I want to point out that you may see some tip wear on my nails in these photos. I used a top coat I don't normally use and that led to some slight tip wear. I'll share that info in the recap/review at the end.
(creamy gray polish with fine green shimmer)
THAT SHIMMER...look at it on my up there on the left and down below in the macros. Pretty fabulous right?
Coats -
Three coats. A thicker formula than I like but still manageable. If I hadn't been so far away from my thinner I would've added a couple drops and it would've been easy peasy. As you can tell even with the thicker formula I had no issues with application or leveling.
Color Intensity -
Subtle but full of sass. That green shimmer is so so special and it's not shy! Sometimes shimmers can be really difficult to see in regular light but the green so easily shined through. A must have gray in any polish stash!
Top Coat - KB Shimmer
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

 Where to find Smitten Polish -

Shop ** Facebook ** Instagram 
So two things before I sign off.
- Tornado Skies is a LAST CHANCE polish - it's still in stock but grab it while you can because once it's's not coming back! Snag it here!
- I haven't used the KB Shimmer top coat much so this was a trial run - I will continue testing it before I assume it shrinks every polish! It could've been a fluke!

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