Pahlish Review and Swatches - Bespoke Batch - Mauna Loa

Hey everyone!
So I guess I'll give a little update about what's been happening outside of the blog lately.
Not much. I've been applying for jobs and my house in Jacksonville has yet to sell.
I'm thankful to have my blog though because even when I'm down and out about "real life" happenings I have this awesome place to come and share pretty things!
So today I have a Bespoke polish from Pahlish.
Recently Pahlish started stocking Bespoke Batches during each weekly restock that happens every Friday at 7 pm central time. There are very few that are available for sale so they go QUICK. They are batches that include ingredients that are no longer available OR the ingredients are too expensive so they can't be permanent polishes. I managed to snag a few over the last few months so I thought I would share one with you!
Mauna Loa
(bright orange/coral crème with gold and gray shimmery flecks)
With top coat and without a top coat

Indoor no top coat (above)
Outdoor in overcast light and indirect setting sun with top coat (below)


Coats -
Two regular coats.
Color Intensity -
Hey now! Super fun and super intense. There are pros and cons to living in Florida...while technically Fall is heading our way in a little over a will still be summer heat in these parts for quite some time. SO the bright and bold polishes that Pahlish is so fabulous at making will be in heavy rotation for me still! This is such a spectacular color.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Pretty Serious
Where to find Pahlish -

Have you shopped the Bespoke Batches since they were introduced?

If you could make your ideal Bespoke what would you dream up?

See you tomorrow!

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