Milani Color Statement Lipstick Review and Swatches - Red Label 05 and a BONUS!

Well well well...I have a little bit of lippie to share with you today!
Lipstick is subbing in for polish today because I'm giving my nails a break.
Have you tried Milani brand makeup? It's great because it's inexpensive and easy to find for the most part.
Actually before I moved to Gainesville I never saw Milani in any Walmart in Jacksonville. It's cheaper at Walmart than any CVS or Walgreens. So check out some of your Walmart stores before you go to CVS/Walgreens.
So now that it's getting closer to fall all of my red and darker colors make sense to wear! Yay! Now I'll start appearing like I know what seasons are because I wear dark colors all year round.
**The bonus mentioned above is at the end of the post!**
(bright blue red)

Primer -
Not a stitch of primer
Coats -
A couple swipes. This is a very opaque lipstick. You won't have to work very hard to get full coverage.
Staying Power -
Well I had a "after 4 hours of wear" photo but then I accidentally deleted it so you'll have to take my word for the wear. It's long lasting and stays pretty soft throughout that entire time and then some. It's not drying at all.
Color Feathering/Bleeding/Build Up/Caking -
As you can see in the photos right after application it already began to feather/bleed a bit. After four hours the feathering was slightly more prominent. If you wear a liner with this it will definitely help with this small issue. I didn't have any issues with build up and caking probably because it isn't drying.
And to close this post out I want to share a photo of the most AMAZING necklace in the world.
I recently snagged this beauty from Archer + Hare before their shop went on vacation. Make sure to favorite their shop because they will be back the first week of September. Beautiful pieces of jewelry and awesome customer service! Oh and make sure to follow the lovely lady that runs this shop on Instagram to see lots of pretties!

See ya tomorrow!

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