Pretty Serious Cosmetics Review and Swatches - Purple Monkey Dishwasher

So today I have a new brand to the blog!
Not new to me because I have a plethora of polishes (oooh sounds so fancy) from Pretty Serious in my stash but I'm FINALLY getting around to sharing one!
I was in the mood for purple so I reached for this little number! If the color didn't sell me...the name sure would!
So Pretty Serious is based in Australia but oh my goodness...they ship to the states and for reasonable prices! They have a warehouse in the US so shipping costs are oh so affordable.
(microglitter packed purple)
So I have a few outdoor shots for you today because this polish just screams to have lots of photos!
From L to R -
Indoor // Outdoors in shade // Indirect sun // Indirect sun
Macro outdoors // indoors
VIDEO SPARKLES! I couldn't accurately capture the sparkle in a still photo so it's video time!
Coats -
Three coats. One thin. Two regular coats.
Color Intensity -
Hey now! Come on you saw the video. Wham bam thank you ma'am. This baby is a beauty.
The purple is bold and bright. It's got some sass to it but it's also deep enough to feel vamped up. It's a thinner polish and the more you build it the more striking it gets. You could easily use one thing coat over black or any other color or build it to opacity like I did for the full effect.
Top Coat - HK Girl 
(this is a top coat hungry polish so I recommend 2 or 3 coats for ultimate shine factor)
Base Coat - Pretty Serious base coat (LOVE THIS BASE COAT)
Where to find Pretty Serious -
If you haven't tried any Pretty Serious polishes out yet...take this opportunity to check out the shop and snag one!
See you tomorrow!

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