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Hey guys!

I hope you enjoyed my post featuring Aurora Lacquers yesterday! It was by far one of my favorites!

So today I have an Elevation polish to share with you. I didn't think about it until I started typing this up that this isn't available anymore. I THINK it was an exclusive polish sold on Llarowe because I can't find it in the discontinued list of polishes on the Elevation site. So I'm sorry for sharing a polish that isn't available!

So hopefully you at least enjoy the photos!

Prusik or Loop it
(blue jelly with blue micro shimmer and white medium sized flake shimmer)


Indoor lighting // Indirect sunlight

Coats -
Three coats. However the jelly was a little too thick for my liking and slightly goopy. But honestly it wouldn't stop me from wearing it again. I may add some thinner because those flakies are amazing.
Color Intensity -
Super bright and bold blue. The flakes are SO interesting. Like cool blue water that has icicles forming in it. Really unique.
Top Coat - HK Girl
Base Coat - Liquid Lacquer base coat

Elevation restocks on the 7th (9 pm central) and 22nd (9 am central) of each month.
To get all the details about restocks go here.
Along with new collections and restocks of previous colors each month there are SBP (small batch prototypes) releases and samples. I've tried almost every time and even enlisted the assistance from my husband a few times and have never been able to snag any of those.

Find Elevation Polish here and here

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