Monday, September 15, 2014

Ooh La Lacquer Review and Swatches - Regal Knievel

Hey guys!
And just like that...Monday is back.
What does that mean for me? More job applications to fill out and send out. Also chores around the house and some swatching for tomorrow's post!
So how about we get to some fab from Ooh La Lacquer?


Above - indoor lighting aka I was in the kitchen // outdoor in the morning sun
Below - outdoor photos in direct afternoon sun


A video of the shiny!
Coats -
Two smooth and flawless coats
Color Intensity - I mean the holo rainbow goodness wants to shine even indoors. It's not a pale purple and it's not a dark purple. It's this fabulous in between shade. It's bright and fun without being over the top in color. And come on...that holo is freaking beautiful! Those two photos in the sun...gosh.
Where to find Ooh La Lacquer -

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