Cheap has never been so good!

Well at least in regard to make up that's the case!

Everywhere we look there is the next best thing in make up products and usually the next best thing isn't the best when it comes to your pocket book. 

I've bought the expensive (MAC, Stila, Urban Decay, etc.) and the between prices (Ulta, Covergirl, Maybelline) and I've also tried the info commercials selling all natural make up! (I used to have to wake up to get ready for work before REAL TV came's amazing what seems like a good deal that early in the morning)

Then I found the wide world of Etsy sellers who make their own make up, granted some of it can be expensive, but when it came to eye make up it was great! Most Etsy make up shops will offer "sample" packs for you to try and the shadow in the samples will go a LONG way. Not to mention the quality (in all the shops I've bought in) has been outstanding! Check out some great make up shops I've bought from on Etsy (SweetPea and FayRockABettyShiro Cosmetics (no longer on Etsy but has her own site)Torik2009, and Concrete Minerals)

Now, lastly, I found the MOST amazing color combo that is inexpensive and long lasting for lipstick. I have the most difficult time finding lip stick/gloss/stain that will last but I think I've found it! 
Please excuse the not amazing quality of photo I promise the lipstick color is richer and brighter in person. The color combo is -

Maybelline - Color Sensational Lip Stain - Bitten Berry (6.49)
Wet N' Wild - Lipstick - 521A (.99)
Wet N' Wild - Clear Lipgloss (.99)

Anyone have an make up loves (or hates) to share? I love me some make up ideas! 

Cat Nip and Chew Toys,


  1. What a great idea!!

    I am a shop owner on Etsy and I have gone through buying all different types of makeup and I never thought of buying makeup on Etsy!

  2. I've never purchased makeup from Etsy, but that's cause I have ridiculously sensitive skin. Love a good foundation that gives a fresh glow to skin, and my makeup-hate would definitely be cakey foundation!

    You look darling here btw, thanks for the follow, looking forward to your posts =)

    Priscilla & Vi

    1. I actually buy stuff from there for exactly that reason. The lip balms from etsy are truly awesome.

  3. What a pretty photo! Mineral makeup form Etsy really is great, as it has no yucky stuff in it! To go along with that, you could get a nice organic cleanser or mask to use beforehand for a nice glow! xx


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