Extra! Extra! Read all about! A penny a 'pape mister!

Don't get too excited, the heading had nothing to do with the body of this post, I just love the movie The Newsies (Hello young Christian Bale!)

Now on to the real stuff! Just an update on a couple little things that have happened over the last couple of days. 
Yesterday I finished up my nieces blanket for her 7th birthday. I came daringly close to keeping it since I appliqued J's on both sides and my name also starts with a J...the blanket was so darn soft and cute...no worries I didn't keep it! Do you spy with your little eye the feline that wanted a photo op?

Here is PROOF that I did not in fact keep it :)
Jessica with her new blanket!
Let's see, we also invested in a slightly used but seemingly very effective elliptical today, I'm hoping to get in shape. Some other shape that what I am now would be nice :) I have a treadmill but I really dislike running so I figured an elliptical could be a good option. Well, once Miss Charlie gives me a turn!

Lastly, little Penelope had to go to the vet today for a check up to make sure all her insides are working the way they are supposed to, she's coming up on her 1 year birthday in July! Well the poor little thing is not a fan of the vet...she gave it her best shot to hide behind dad...

Whew! Now after all that...it's time for a salad, sangria, and some veggie hot dogs! 

Cat Nip and Chew Toys,

  1. Your catties are so cute! OMG, Newsies 4Life! My favorite Christian Bale movie is Empire of the Sun. He's like 9 in that movie, so it might get weird. ><

  2. the blanket was a hit at the party. she is taking it to her first sleep over and all the mom's will probably want one too.

  3. Beautiful blanket, she is one lucky niece:):) Love that last shot of the kitten too.

  4. Cats have such personalities :D
    too bad hubby is allergic..but I love dogs too so its all good ;)
    that blankie looks very snuggly...I can see why you were tempted to keep it...I say make yourself a matching one :D

  5. I may have to make a matching one and use the Memorial Day sale at JoAnn's to get the fabric! :)

  6. Love these photos! Just adorable. Here's my blog too!

  7. Don't you love how everything new in your home has to pass feline inspection? If you aren't a fan of running but want cardio, the elliptical is great, it's my favorite!

  8. Jessica LOVES it!!! Now I want one! :)


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