Yep, one of my favorites so far : )

I finished up a recent order for a custom pet pad today and it is in fact one of my faves! It's a 26x20 size pad made with a oh so fun and fabulous pink fabric and an equally fun teal fabric on the bottom with a matching monogram and dog bone applique! This beauty is for an adorable pampered pooch named Cami! 

What do you think of the finished product? 

PS - as always my pet pad model Penelope was happy to pose for the size comparison shot!

The modeling wore her out! 

Did you have any crafting/creating plans today? 

Hoping your Saturday is fabulous and less rainy than mine!

Cat Nip and Chew Toys,


  1. Cute, looks so comfy! My favorite part: "The modeling wore her out!" lol.

  2. Your cat is ADORABLE! My kitties would love that, even though they are male =p! In fact, they've modeled some of my jewelry before.

  3. Thanks! :) You'd be surprised how many orders I get for male dogs and cats! Boys need cushion too :p
    And some of them don't have the "boy" color schemes either.
    I love that you managed to get your kitties to model your jewelry! So cute :)

    Thanks for commenting and checking out my blog!


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