It's raining, it's pouring, my cats are's bloggin' time!

It's true, you'd think the cats were human beings with the way they sleep, on their back for heavens sake!

So a few things to update today, first off, I have to share with you the shoes I got today when birthday shopping with my mom! (PS - my bday is June 16th - 27 years old this year!)
Who else is a fan of Chinese Laundry shoes? 
I found these oh so adorable flats today at DSW - It's kinda hard to see the color but it's a gorgeous dark blue. My feet are very excited about these. 

 And to add to the other side of the shoes spectrum, my mom and I found these TO DIE FOR Michael Kors shoes as Belk, now shoes that expensive have never laid eyes on my little feet, but I'm happy to say there was a huge sale today. HUGE! 
Maryjane shoes is one of my fave styles for heels and was so giddy when I saw these - 

Woo hoo! Shoes! Shoes are great, because for the most part, they always fit!

The next and last update for the day is I wanted to share the most recent custom pet pad that I made. This has got to be my favorite fabric and is beyond soft! This was made for a little tiny chihuahua named Kratos!

How fun is that? Though Penelope is only the model (with permission from the people who order them) she did not want to give this one up! I think I'll have to make her a new pet pad in the near future!

So, here's to a fabulous Saturday to everyone, and until next time...

Cat Nip and Chew Toys,


  1. Made for a chihuahua? I think someone has other plans.....

    Happy early birthday! My daughter loves to go shopping for her birthday but this will be her first birthday without a shopping trip. She's your age and she's moving to Delaware to go to grad school :(

    Have a fabulous birthday and give those fluffy babies hugs and kisses!

  2. Shoe-shopping must've been fun :)
    My cat sleeps on his back too - it's so cute!
    Love your new pet pad. Great fabric!

  3. jenna, will you send me the etsy site for your eye makeup. i need something by 6/10. possible?

    also, i hope you are linking up with all those sites you mention. just paste the link there too. just sayin.

  4. Cute cats and cute shoes...perfect!!


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