A glimpse inside - Magic and Mayhem

I began my day planning on doing a post about my work space aka Magic and Mayhem but I also want to add a bonus bit to this post! 

Bonus Bit - 
I was featured (along with other amazing Etsy shops) in a post by Little Miss Cards. Little Miss Cards is having a Coupon Extravaganza and that just sounds exciting to me! For every new follower to her blog, you will receive a coupon code to a new Etsy shop, it's like a rotating store front featuring tons of different types of shops! Not to mention Little Miss Cards has a great blog so check it out!

Now featuring the main event - Magic and Mayhem aka my studio (my studio is 1/2 the space of my office - I had to give the other half to my boyfriend who apparently needs some room too!)

My divine desk! I recently gifted myself a brand new much larger cutting mat but I took these photos a couples days prior to making the purchase!

I'm a note taker, I keep all my orders in this foliage friendly dual clipboard/folder and all my "quick grab" supplies are right there at arms reach!

On the right side I have my go to items (my magnetic pin "cushion" with all the pins I need for the pet beds it comes in handy!) along with my little alter of my fun finds around town. My personal fave is the blue fairy, she's technically for the garden, but I think she fits just fine atop my desk!

My bulletin board, your basic 5 dollar bulletin board at any craft store, transformed into a freaking awesome bulletin board with just a little fabric! 

My ever-changing fleece selection displayed nicely by your run of the mill bookcase

Well there you have it, a little peek inside my "happy place", it's constantly changing but the bones of it all are forever there!

Cat Nip and Chew Toys,


  1. I love your fun finds "alter", lol. I think you are quite nice giving your boyfriend half of the room! I've given my boyfriend 1/5 of our dining room table for his 27" iMac. That's all the work space he gets. The rest of the table, the floor, and the non-clothes closets are all home to my craftin' supplies. I wish I could be as organized and neat as you seem to be! :)

  2. I love the pic at the top of your blog! my cat does this too! With my sewing projects, or when we come home from costco we have to leave the boxes out for him, so he can try them all out and see how comfortable they are.
    I also love how your cat matches your project! They're too cute together!
    Your work space is so organized! and cute! :)

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Well Of The Fountain, I may have exaggerated a smidge, technically he's on the opposite wall from me but I asked that he get a corner desk so it didn't take up too much room!

    Aren't cats funny like that Tessa? They love to be where they shouldn't be!

    And the magic is how neat my space is AFTER crafting and creating has stopped not during the process...that's the mayhem part : )


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