Lions, Tigers, and Books...oh my!

Who else gets sweet and simple joy and happiness out of reading?

As a child, my mom and I lived across from a public library, and on the other side of us was the beach.
I wanted to spend all my time in the quiet and enchanting aisles of the library, on the other hand, my mom wanted nothing more than to frolic and play at the beach!

Oh the horror! The sand, the huge amounts of people, the sharp shells, the skin melting sun...I put up a fit every time...and 17+ years later I still do!


But alas, I am (much to some peoples surprise) a grown up, so I can idly walk the aisles of books for as long as I want now. *Woo Hoo*

 I used to say that I wanted to live in a library so I'd never have to leave. Now instead of getting arrested for living in a library I made the grown up to buy a fabulous bookcase and display my books in all their beautiful glory. (I should've taken a photo to share but I don't have one on hand, I will update this post later and include it!)

I just started a new book, judging by the cover (yep, I do occassionally do that) it looks pretty darn enchanting, we shall see soon!

What about you? Any good reads to share?

Cat Nip and Chew Toys,

  1. Oh, I love books. I'm addicted to Terry Goodkind and his Sword of Truth books.
    I basically grew up in the library in a way. My father made bookshelves for the living room and they covered 3 wally top to bottom. He would buy books every month and the collection grew. Unfortunately we had to sell and donate when we were moving, but now I an growing my own library.

    Right now I'm reading everything I can about Native Americans as a research for a graphic novel I want to write.


  2. Given the choice between the library and the beach, I would choose the library for sure (though I do love being at the beach with a good book).
    I am currently reading The Crimson Petal and the White.

  3. Great post. I'm going to have to forward this to my daughter. It sounds just like her! She will love to read it.

  4. the book cover matches your new necklace. i wonder what the symbolism of the lion is for you right now. check it out ...


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