Wowza! It's Friday!

So I've been out of work sick from my job as a Legal Assistant for the past few days and now I'm back to the reality of no sewing, no cutting, no creativity, no crafting and no cats! Even though those weren't really options while I was sick but still my sewing machine was in my general vicinity! Insert sad face here...oh wait...I can do that and make it a sad kitty face to show just how sad I am!

So now that you have a handle on my current emotions and state of mind, let's brighten up this post, what do ya say?

I'd like to share a couple of things, the first is one of my recent listings on Etsy, for my new line of cat toys that I've named Nip and Kick Sticks. If other cats enjoy them half as as much as my little crew does than the toy is a success! Check out the newest addition of patterns -
And now, the second thing I'd like to share, my sweetly evil Penelope and her common reaction or evil tiger eye when she realizes after I make a batch of Nip and Kick Sticks to send off and they do not belong to her.

Yep, she hits me with some major cattitude, and I love her for it. She's a little lady that knows what she wants!

Now, I think I've provided enough cat related entertainment for today, please commence with your regularly scheduled day! 

Cat Nip and Chew Toys,


  1. Awww! We might be getting a cat soon. If we do, I'll definitely be browsing those toys.

  2. Woo hoo to cats! If you end up wanting a batch of toys, let me know, I will give you a coupon code for Etsy :) PS - I'm following your blog now - it's super cute!

  3. They're so cute! I love your stuff too. The crayon pics are so clever. My latest blog article is about my fur baby Pete. I found you through the Etsy blog team.

  4. Good Morning! You have been chosen to receive the Lovely Blog Award! Find out more at

  5. I have seen that exact same look when we hide my cat's fetch ball! too funny! Im thinking I'm just gonna have to blog about my cat one of these days, hes such a character! I can see yours are as well! :)
    I love your blog, and will definately be checking in again! Thanks for the follow :)

    Tessa @mylittleniche


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